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Pathetic Gaming Association

These guys are good. We don't golf.



About us:

     We are a clan that started with a group of players that have been together for years. Many of us started off in the same clan and jumped from clan-to-clan but still kept each other's company. We ended up building a strong bond and community of strong tankers. To try to build on this small community, we decided to create a clan that is less focused on clan wars and more focused on tournaments (because let's be serious... that's where the gold's at), team battles, platooning, strongholds, and league play. We've been successful in many, many, many bravo skirmishes and once summer hits we'll be doing alpha skirms along with league tournaments. We do plan to play around in CW in the future (maybe with the new changes in CW) but it's not our primary goal at this time.


Why you should join us:

    If you're interested in being part of a great community of tankers/gamers, don't care much for clan wars, like competitive play (tournaments, team battles), and want to have fun with some great players (and great people), we're the right clan for you. We're pretty big on the fun part.


    We are a new and growing clan. That means there's room for your opinions to be heard and ideas to be executed. We value all of our new players and make it a point to make them feel welcome. 


    Also, if you're a golfer who wants all of the above AND the novelty of having PGA as your clan tag, then you're luckier than a T49 penetrating a moving target using auto-aim from 500m while going full speed down a hill. 


Why you shouldn't join us:

     If you're looking for a community of golfers, hit the back button on your browser. Seriously though, we aren't golfers. We have nothing against golfers but don't let our clan tag fool you, we don't golf and we know nothing about it. Also, if you're looking for a dedicated CW clan, we are not for you.


Our requirements*:


1600+ WN8, 54% WR Overall 

1800+ WN8, 56% WR Recent

2 Tier X tanks (Somewhat useful tier X's would be nice) - serves as a control for # of battles, and in case we want to delve into CW later

TS3 with mic

Active 2-3 nights a week 

Screenshot of you TKing/destroying Nate235 (our commander)


*Exceptions can be made. Recent weighed more than overall reqs.


Take these as guidelines. Exceptions will be made for exceptional players. We feel (we HOPE) that players who have reached these stat requirements know how to play as a team or understand the game well enough to be able to learn this quickly. We value teamwork greatly as that is what allows us to beat teams that may individually be more skilled than us.




If you meet our req's or you think you're close enough, you can contact us in the following ways:

Post here or PM me. <--- convenient

PM me, nate235, ephebus, or RNGdotEXE_has_crashed either in-game or on the WOT website. <-- if you're scared of wotlabs/a dedicated lurker

Hop on our TS: appellation.ts.nfoservers.com and find one of us! <--you'll be doing this eventually anyway



lol Fame:


Our clan tag has been mentioned during a WGLNA stream during season 5. See for yourself.




We don't golf.




We don't golf.




A symbolic image of how powerful, indivisible, unbreakable we are:



Cu5Rnpx.png Notice our clan logo at the top of this post. Source: xkcd

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Been playing skirmishes/tournies with PGA's team. I basically just clip with HE in my 50 100 and get free gold, so it seems pretty ok. 10/10, would teamkill nate again.

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Been playing skirmishes/tournies with PGA's team. I basically just clip with HE in my 50 100 and get free gold, so it seems pretty ok. 10/10, would teamkill nate again.


lolol we're glad to have you on board :). you're practically a PGA member anyway considering our bootleg prophunt adventures



I like golf.


That pic of the bra with the rubix cube is great :D


I like golf... in the "I used to play mini-golf  online on candystand when I was little" sort of way


I LOVE that pic too haha. 

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I really do enjoy golf, especially on my HS team, we get to play some of the best courses in SoCal.  I am disappointed you guys don't actually golf.

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