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rirarumpel's epic battle videos [scrub unicum]

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I watched all of the KV-5 replays.  Is that matchmaking typical for EU?  It seems on NA server we're lucky if 40% of our battles are Tier 8 and the Tier 9 battles are one third Tier 9's, a third tier 8's, and the rest are arty or light tanks.   :(


If you have replays in the Leo PTA, Type 61, or similar paper tanks with long reloads and aim times, I'd appreciate them.

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This was a particularly good run regarding MM. But I have had much more luck getting into T8 battles when I played in the morning till afternoon. It seems that in the evening too many people play T9 for you to constantly be top tier.

I have no replays that fall into the leo pta/type 61 category but I will soon have the amx 30, which should be very similar in playstyle. Still. I remember I had a lot of fun playing both the Leo pta and the Type 61, even if I only got to a so-so 2.5k/2.6k dpb respectively.

You are like a very mobile TD/LT mix: Snipe and/or keep exposure times to a minimum. Never peek around the same corner/ridge twice in exactly the same spot. And most importantly, do not ever trade with any tank or god forbid 1vs1 them early/mid game. Especially something like a 1390/Bulldog will leave you absolutely crippled.

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I have some replays lying around with nice sessions playing the FV215b, and some STB-1 replays.
But it's so damn hot here (40°C) and I have to get work done for university, so it may take a while before I get to upload them

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Alright guys, I have some nice replays but I cannot provide any videos at the moment. It just takes too long with my shitty computer even for me degenerate.

If there is anyone who's willing to turn some replays into videos I'd much appreciate it.


Otherwise: here is another replay of my beloved FV215b aka sexiest tank evar.



Complete apcr/hesh loadout for 3 MOE. Still far away (~91%) but if I limit my playing time I tend to have rather good games in it.

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A little update: 

Been playing pretty shitty on my E5. Kind of a good session though this morning. Made terrible mistakes especially regarding heading back to cap etc. But overall ok.


10 Games E5: 3,900 dpb.



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