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Giving the YouTube thing a try!

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Hy there guys,


as you probably guessed I made myself a a YT channel. I'm from the EU server and I am not a unicum, but I do have some tips I would like to give to everybody. I gained my inspiration from the likes of SirFoch, Zeven, Circonflexes and so on. I will try to put up videos as often as I can.




Here is the first ever video. Hope you will like it. Open for critics as always.

Will try to update this as soon as I upload a new video(s).


More videos:

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I could not understand you at the start of the replay since the game volume was too high, I could not hear your voice.

When it finally was clear enough since the volume went up you can hear a constant wistle that is a bit annoying...


My suggestion:

1) get a better microphone if you can

2) use audacity to record your voice separately from the game, put the 2 together in the editing phase, set the volumes correctly. Try not to "boost" up your mic too much, since it will make the whistle if you do

3) At some points the audio is not stereo, this might be due to the editing, try to be more cautious :)


With experience it will get better and better and you will get more confident with the commentary, it was the same for me ;)

Hope the suggestions were helpful, good luck with the channel!

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A review of the hardest light to master.  


A review of the hardest light to master.  


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Some great platoon work, hope it help improve your workings as a platoon. Will try to put more videos like this one. 


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 The FCM 50t will be removed from sale in the next few patches, so get one while it's hot!


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