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WOW!Ships Videos (Embed Heavy)

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Just a por favor: Please disable AdBlock when viewing my channel or videos, it goes a long way in helping me as a creator make more content.

Made a bunch of videos, and the quality in the earlier ones is a bit over the place.

I try to release at least one video per week, and I'll be putting any new videos into this thread.


Send replays to: exesgogames@gmail.com

For Replay Academy:
Subject: Replay Academy [username][server]
-Your question/s.
-If you have any specific part of the replay/s, put the time and a short description.

For Any Other Replay
Subject: [username][server]
-If you have any part you want to highlight, put the time and a short description.


Warship Videos




Update Related

Patch 3.1 USN Battleships and IJN Carriers

My Thoughts and Comparisons of the US Battleships




Friendly Torpedoes PSA

The New Frontier

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Dat video thumbnail design.





I got tired of all the decorative type with all these arsehat drop shadows, etc. people used for their thumbnails, so I stuck to my guns and went with sans-serif and flat.

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Thanks man!  I really appreciated your DD bootcamp vid. Helped a lot when I wound up in a 2 v 2 match this morning in my Umi with a Chester against 2 Sampsons.  I got both kills and the chester stayed out of the way :)


Glad I could help. :D


Anyways, por favor if you guys don't mind: please pause AdBlock on my YouTube channel, it would help me a lot as a content creator.

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