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5k Subs Celebration 30 Days Premium and 1000 Gold Giveaway! Free Gold, Free Premium, Free Tanks!

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5k Subs Celebration 30 Days Premium and 1000 Gold Giveaway!! Free Gold, Free Premium, Free Tanks!


Hi Guys we have some great prizes here, I wanted to do a 5000k Sub giveaway but the jump from 5000k to nearly 8000K happened in just under two weeks. With Tank Fest coming I wanted to do an epic giveaway to celebrate Tank Fest AND nearly 8000K Subs. You Guys have been great, Thank You and please enjoy your prizes!!!!


All you need to do is watch the video below, count the giraffes and put the number in the comment section.... only one condition be a YouTube Subscriber (this is free)


Good Luck


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