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From 1600 to 2200+ The journey (seeking mentor)

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 Hello wot-labs, unicums, and forum lurkers.


I am an average WoT player (1650-1800 recent) and I'm looking to escape my mediocrity and blossom into a young little blunicum. If someone want's to help my with my journey I'd be deeply appreciative and might reward you with something given the circumstances and length of the mentor-ship. I have established a lengthy list of habits, both good and bad in this game. I'm seeking to find someone to scold me like a bad dog when I do wrong, or encourage me when I am doing right. I have a good understanding of the game mechanics, penetration, shells, various tanks, where to aim, what to do, etc...


I know I make mistakes, usually positioning, timing, and learning when to push my luck, and when to back off and find a new position. I would shine light on my issues but the problem is they aren't glaring, I just make a lot of smaller mistakes that lead up to not breaking the plateau of blue. I'm not looking to become perfect, as no one is. I'm just seeking a nice instruction on my gameplay, so that I may take that instruction and develop from it on-wards. 


 I routinely watch WoT on twitch.tv and read many articles, study armor diagrams, vision mechanics.. finding those places you can just see enemies at the edge of your bounding box.. I don't want to drone on for too long here but if you're down to the task of taking me under you wing for a few days, or longer perhaps depending on how well we interact; here I am.



IGN: Alaxandir

S: [uS-E, US-W]

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Why should you (reader) take a WOT lesson?

Because if you're going to spend money or time on a video game, the most worthy investment is your own skills. Taking a lesson should accelerate your progression along the learning curve. I am not the best player in wot, but I learned quickly and worked my way to the top mostly teaching myself and I wanna pass this knowledge along to others.


Why are you (Smylee) teaching WOT lessons?

I love Teaching players it seems to come almost natural to me I love seeing potential and if i can make people with potential go farther and become better players than its worth it. Also I'm in college and don't have a job so this allows me to have some money instead of being broke and asking my parents for money at my age.


Want to know more about (Smylee)[optional]?

I pride myself competitively on tier 10s and personally focus on winning over damage and kills because winning is always a stat that will be their and remain WN8 will change eventually But your winrate won't.

I'm also a very competitive player so much infact I'm now on A Pro team which will hopefully be a fun and great learning experince for me.

I play mainly tier 8-10 now and usually make different goals for different tanks which allows me to test my limits and see how far i can go in different tanks this too me is "fun" I enjoy it a lot and seeing how good I become and what I can learn by playing different tanks is always something I look for. No matter how good you are you can always learn new things.




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