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Looking for Clan Wars-Centric Clan

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I recently settled with TRAX from the WoT forums. They are a great group of people,

but they are more tourney focused and their participation levels have been waning. 


I want to play in clan wars, so I'm looking for a clan that is heavily structured and has

a decent amount of clan wars activity. Being an unorganized person, Organization is

paramount for me regarding clans. I'd prefer a clan that sets goals and asks a lot of

it's players.


I live on the East coast time zone, and can afford 100% participation for the entire

summer until University starts up late August. Once that happens, participation would

drop to nightly platoon work and clan wars participation on the weekends.


My current tier 10 setup is less than ideal, having only the maus, T57 heavy, E50M,

and Foch 155. I'm at the T-54, so next on deck is the T-62A. After that I plan to have

a batchat. I'm also at mid to late tiers in several other lines, so I could alter my target

tanks to suit my clan.


Lastly, I'd like to explain myself to people who may have had run-ins with me. Whether

in game, the official forums, or here. I'm in a much better place now in all regards, 

and the curmudgeon you may have run in to in the past no longer exists. I hope

past events wouldn't deter recruitment. 

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