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GOG Summer Sale

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Making sure they get your money before Valve does.  Changes twice a day, spending pretty much anything will get you Sim City 2000, making sure your splines are duly reticulated.


Lucasfilm adventure games 66% off, including the unfairly maligned The Dig.  The Baldur's Gate remakes also have a similar amount off also.

Witcher 1 fuck all, Witcher 2 ever so slightly more than fuck all.

Jade Empire very little.  This is well worth it.  As is King of Dragon Pass.  Arcanum is also available, but opinions vary on that one.

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Gamersgate has their summer sale too on now too.


Only changes once a day but still good to watch too.

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Right, some good shit about (albeit briefly, although knowing them, they'll be repeated at the end).


Fuck all: The Last Express, Defcon, and Shadowrun things if you're into that. Freespace 2 (also in a pack with the Descent games, and the orginal Freespace).

Wasteland 2 60% off.  Broken Sword doings reduced by about 80%.

Hidden gem: Rogue Trooper.  Lots of fun, only disappointment was that Blackmare tanks aren't much of a threat.

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Free game for 48 hours: Battle Realms.  Played this years ago, can't remember much.


And look!  Everything is back on deal again.  Fuck's sake.  Do get The Wolf Among Us, its rather good.  If not really a game.


Steam Summer Sale apparently due on 11th June, probably in line with the the new motto 'Not as good as it used to be'.  Expect the usual horseshit from Ubisoft who having seen that people are not willing to pay forty quid for Assassin's Creed 5: More Of The Same But Now With Even More Pointless Collectibles will assume that they will be queuing up to pay thirty-five instead.

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Bought the Expansion Pass for Witcher 3 (not on sale unfortunately), unlocked 2 free games, used store credit to then purchase Simcity 4 essentially for free as it was heavily discounted (never owned 4, did own 3000, but a bit bored of that. Heard 4 is awesome).


I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally tempted to find another purchase to unlock Xenonauts, but not sure what else I can justify buying right now (need another AUD $20+ to hit the target).

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