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So I've been having internet speed issues...

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To preface, this isn't a topic looking for help, but a brief story of my triumph.  Sort of.


So, recently, I went from 28/1 Cable to 100/10.  Pricey Cisco modem, but it should be worth it - I couldn't stand the weakness of the old.  Upgrade process took time, but it eventually finished, around when the provider was having some downtime.  Fine.  I gave it a fe days... and when all was well, tested my internet.  


Speedtest reported 25/1 average.  That's no good.  I reset the new modem a few times (it's a 4 port router and wireless router built in, DCP3848 if I'm remembering correctly), to no avail.  Finally, I called tech support (Teksavvy's my provider, in Ontario).  Got a truly awesome guy on the line - we shot the shit, talked about games and such while waiting for processes.  We tested the modem, flipped it to bridge mode (and reset it entirely), and then went to test the internet in safe mode.


It worked perfectly.  ~100/10 in safe mode.  Huh.  Not sure why I never bothered to test in safe mode - I'm computer literate, but by no means an expert.  Fortunately, the modem was fine.  Unfortunately, he could help me no further, save for definitely not recommending a course of action and better antivirus than avast/etc.  He couldn't, you see, for legality and liability reasons, so I definitely didn't take any notes lest I cause my computer to melt by stupidly following his advice.


Fortunately, my computer's not infected with anything.  Unfortunately, I still couldn't get my good internet in normal mode.  Still stuck at 25/1.  What the fuck.

So I went to google.  Google told me to update my LAN driver, if it was out of date.  I checked that, and any other drivers... I'm all good.  I was stumped.  Couldn't find an answer that applied.


I'm not sure what led me to this, or why I checked it, but I noticed that my network card had a little network manager software with it that ran in the background.  It never really did anything other than monitor, and I'd used it in the past to check network usage.  I checked around... all was normal.  Then I noticed something: this bit of network software has a little section titled Internet Provider speed.  Two boxes for Upload and Download that can be adjusted, along with a Status and a test button.  Test button takes me to speedtest, but it doesn't work because it uses the software's internal browser and doesn't communicate with java.  Right now, the numbers for Up/Down were set to 0.9/25.  That seems right, that's what it has been testing at.  Right?




It's about here that I realized... I can change these numbers.  They're not connected to the test bit, because that doesn't work.  I could remember setting those numbers myself, based on a test run in my actual browser.  On a whim, I set them to 10/100 for Up/Down.  What could it hurt?


It fucking worked.  


For some stupid, dumbass reason, this bit of software has a function that can limit my internet speed, and I'd set it to roughly the limit I was getting before, without realizing this would limit it in the future.  A single, simple little setting annoyed me for two weeks, and sent me on a damn witch-hunt.


And here I am sitting here, head in hands, laughing and crying because of how stupidly simple this was.  It's humbling, in a way.  A reminder that I'm not as technically proficient as I might like to be, but also that sometimes... the answer can be the most innocuous thing.

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I seem to have the problem reversed, my internet is fine 50/5 but my computer is Gandaran's level give or take and no matter how much ram I download the fps just seems to get slower....

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All that matters is fuck Rogers and Bell.

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No kidding.  I'm really disappointed Cogeco doesn't exist in Ottawa - they've actually got solid service and decent prices.  Rogers?  Lemme see, with Teksavvy I'm getting 100/10 and 400gb for $65/mo.  For around the same price, I could have gotten , what was it... 30/2 and 80gb from Rogers OR Bell?  Fuckers.  

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Why would you want to limit it anyway? Hell, i would set it to 100/1000 just to get rid of the limit. Or remove that software unless it does something completely nessecary

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That's my point, heh.  It runs the network card, though, so I can't turn it off and keep that working.  I just raised the limit higher than I'll ever get.

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