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Map Rotation Checker

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DL'ed and using it, where will the info show up on the site?


edit: nvm found it

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Where he said it would be, but no infos yet :(


It says "over the past 5 hours", he posted this at 8:20AM CET, it's 10:45AM CET now, not enough time has passed I guess ;)

Give it a few days so that more players use it and it will eventually settle down for some good results  :thumbup:

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Alright, here's the deal: I'm doing a reset on the database as I just implemented a new system to prevent people who are platooning with the program from counting for more than 1 map play. This is being done server side so there is no need to update the program. Much of the current data has been multiplied by platoons, so it's worthless.

Currently there's no distinction between Assault, Encounter and Standard. Also no distinction between NA East and West (nor EU1 and the others). I will probably add this in RC4 later today or tomorrow.

Also, yes, the program begins "working" as soon as it starts.

Also, anyone from EU running the program? I'm not getting any data from EU...

Nevermind, I'm dumb. I was importing the library file BEFORE setting the server, so it always defaulted to NA.

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The current map statistics are displayed on the sidebar of WoTLabs, at the bottom, right under Server Statistics. It applies to the currently selected server.

I would recommend for you to put it somewhere else where it's maybe more noticeable. When people that don't know about it visit wotlabs to check their stats, they're not likely to scroll down that far.  Better positioning will increase the amount of people that utilize the tool which means more(accurate) data becomes available.

When going to the wotlabs page the only way to view it "by accident" is if you're looking at your individual tank stats or clan history - I recon only a few of the total Wotlabs visitors do that. 


But nice job nonetheless.

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D/Led and it has begun..


Good Job on getting it done straight there Never...

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I started using it.  Where can I see the results so far?



Way down on the bottom left side



Results are in the sidebar of WoTLabs. I will move them somewhere better soon.


Is there any chance of having the results available from the app itself?

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Perlenfluss?  Steppen?  Wadi?  Are maps in different languages counted as different maps?

 yeah i think they are, there is a ``Himmelsdorf im Winter`` and a ``Winter Himmelsdorf`` :P

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