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Rookie needs advice on what line to grind

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23 hours ago, OnkelAlfa said:



A question to the experienced CW players

I have the following tanks in my garage: T110E5, T110E4, Obj 140, IS-7, BatChat with E100, 50b and T62a in the pipe line.


What should my next goal be? 


I was thinking either the Action X or the obj 263 ? (I have a close to 5 skill cromwell B crew for the Action X and bought the ISU-122s to train a TD crew).


Or are there some other relevant tank that I am missing?

Action X isn't a CW tank. Nice in randoms though.

263 is used in certain situations, but an E3 is probably more relevant if you're going for TD. IS4s are used too, but again situationally. FV215B is amazing too, and used quite a bit by top clans.

So in terms of CW usage, the priority order would be as follows:

  • FV215B;
  • E3;
  • IS-4;
  • 263; and
  • T57.

I have no idea how the meta has changed with the 113 buffs and the TVP 50/51 introduction. They may both be relevant now.

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Thank you. I gues i should use my Cromwell B crew for the FV215b, and then retrain the radioman to its new commander, then i can keep Sixth sense on it. I kinda feel like i should use that crew for something more than just pissing around ind tier 6 SH :)

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Ive today unlocked the FV215b, took the true statpadder route and free xp´ed up till the conqueror + gun.


The gun on that thing is amazing along with a decent turret the grind have been really pleasant.


I ended up with 2453 dpg / 66.86% at 169 games @ 1045 xp = my best performance yet in a tier 9 :). Thanks for the advice on the tank @Snoregasm2, my clan have recently started to ask a lot for the FV215b for CWs so was very timely. 


My next line to grind will be for the 113, which i have no crew for (never played any chinese tank. I expect to start of from the tier 6 and grind out sixth sense on that in SH before moving on grinding my way through the line.


While doing that ill casually grind the remaining 20k xp on the T49 (hate that thing), and go casually up for the T57 Heavy. 


For fun im now on the Pershing with the intent on hopefully becoming a better medium player while playing that and the M46.

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