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GG Barcelona - no CL for you

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So today the glorious Juventus is to face some scrub club called Barcelona. Barcelona is expected to win because they have some 1.70 midget called Messi, a dog in disguise called Suarez and Mr Dolphin AKA Neymar. I'm probably forgetting 8 other irrelevant players


Meanwhile juventus will face them with glorious Buffon, Pogba, Pirlo,Vidal (edit: He's going to get a red and is retarded for keeping up his aggressive play) and Tevez + More. 
What do you predict the score will be?


3:0 for Juventus?

3-1 for Juventus?

1-0 for Juventus?


It'll probably be 2-1 for Juventus.




Jokes aside...Messi - Neymar - Suarez  (and Iniesta on midfield) is a deadly combo.


For those that want to hate on football:



Well 1-0 for  Barcelona in less than 5 minutes.  There goes 300 euros.

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I'm gonna say 2-2 with Juventus winning 5-3 on penalties after extra time.

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Neymar Messi and suarez on one team? Fucking hell this should be illegal.  Only one I trust to take that on is Real Madrid or Bayern...but we see how that went.

Vidal....will get a red card. Mark my words.

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Vidal what the actual fuck are you doing you piece of shit player, someone should sub him out before this fucker gets a red card. He has a yellow and he still hits dani alves....

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I go kill you now  - after I'm done with this match.

Why are you betting against Barca to begin with?


(I only want them to win because my cousins live in Madrid so i can bully them over this).


Because why not? I like Juventus...not saying it's my best idea but who cares, I'll drink a beer and get over it.

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