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Top Kek (Looking For Gold League Team)

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Without me wanting to say much due to being tired, I'm simply looking for a Gold League Team. I left the team I was in for reasons that I can explain if they are requested via PM- but basically the team failed to acknowledge player advice for calling and playing ability.


That being said, I'm looking for a Gold League Team, and  I understand most Gold League Teams look for ex-Gold players. Although I'm not one, I bring a huge amount of experience with me- here is what I offer:


  • Being Able To Buy Any Needed Tank
  • Having High Crew Skills In Most (If Not Every) Tank Needed
  • Being Able To Show Up Every Day (And Reliable In General)
  • Being A Good Sport (Of Course, As Long As I'm being Listened To (I'm Not A Controlling Asshole, But I have Past Experience With Calling And Would Like At least Some Acknowledgement)
  • As Stated Above, Past Calling Experience
  • Being A Top 1000 Player, And Not A Complete Stet Pedder


I'm able to show up every day, and make any times necessary. I live on the East Coast and have a phone along with Skype, WhatsApp, and Slack. As long as there's more than just Skype, I can easily be reached from anywhere and can find a way to make it to the computer at any time. 


If there's more needed, just let me know. I'm just putting this up here to see if there are any Gold League Teams recruiting competent and experienced players. If not, well then I will see you all around!

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So much free time and nothing to do. At this point I'm willing to play on a Silver Leage team that is aiming to be at the top honestly. It's too late to get on any teams (fml, I need better connections) so if anyone is in need of a reliable player, I'm around.

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