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Dear everyone on Wotlabs,


I just recently broke through the overall purple WN8 barrier. Time for a brief summary of my tanking career:

My uncle introduced my father, another uncle of mine and myself that this World of Tanks game had some potential to be fun. I tried it, played some and had fun indeed. Almost every battle I quickly died, headed back to my garage and play the next battle.


As I started climbing tiers, I realized that I was, at best, an average player. My stats of 27% survival rate, ~50% winrate and 1285 WN8 can confirm this in hindsight.


After 5,587 battles I decided to get better at this game.
Up to this point, I had driven around absolutely clueless regarding maps, penetration, armor and so on. I looked for additional content and found the wot-wiki, which helped me to better understand things like armor and penetration. I slowly got better, and shortly after I discovered wotlabs.net. 

I soaked up any videos, replays and walls of text I could get my hands on. The first epiphany I had was when I discovered sidescraping. It instantly offered me a tool to use and abuse in my beloved ST-I.


Next, I tried out some medium tanks and absolutely fell in love with them. Speed, dpm, camo, some nifty things like an invulnarable T-62A turret or the gigantic depression of the STB-1 just felt right.


I still mostly platoon with my uncles and father (average players with ~45% WR on T10) and I still love the game.


It was an uphill battle that lasted for two whole years. For the last year or so I constantly played with a recent purple WN8 but my overall battle count made it a long journey.


For half a year now I had been plateauing at a 3k recent WN8. Something just clicked around 1.5-2 weeks ago and I was able to break through that barrier. Mostly, my decision making and awareness got better.


Check some of my better games out here on wotlabs: 

Or check my youtube channel for recent updates: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoRIhmU0zjfI5ys2G9kJFlQ


I will upload more videos after this weekend as I have my premiere as an theatre actor today :)




Just one more thing:


Thanks wotlabs!

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Thank you for posting this, i have played over 5k games, for fun and clueless, and just the other day decided that i am going to change that and treat this seriously. My WN8 while still low is climbing daily, and now i have more hope than ever.

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Congratulations! This is a serious achievement and must feel very good indeed.

Being a slow learner myself, I am improving ever so slowly.

Far behind you, as to me maintaining a 1400 WN8 in any session can be a struggle, but here's hope...


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Everyone has her own pace of learning. Everybody has different needs regarding his individual learning experience, but if you are bit some tank-savant, it might be a feasible option to concentrate on one thing at a time. From less complex to more complex concepts (i.e. tank angling as a beginner concept->side scraping->baiting shots->...).

Many people just cannot accept that they basically suck, that their good games are the exception and not the rule. Additionally, it's always relative as well. Against the mean I'm way above average, but there are leagues between me and kewei, straik and so many others.

But a wn8 of about 1400 means you are better than ~55% i think) of the population. Congratulations! 

I'm sure that with a little bit of effort you'll be a recent blue in no time.

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I do like reading topics like this. Encouraging me to bring my A game back and bring myself back up to purple and eventually super purple again. This weekend absolutely killed it, bringing myself down from 2600 recent to 2400ish, when I could stand the pain from my wisdom tooth removal and stopped taking the pain killers after a week and went into withdrawals. But I'm slowing feeling better and playing better would be a serious mood boost. 


People say "Oh, is just video game", but they don't realize just how complicated and how much mental flexibility you need to have to be good, which will help you in a lot of places in life. And it's a good distraction for when I have time to kill :3

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