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Consties awesum M46 Paddon solopub challenge

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Hello there


I got this stunning beauty (heh) recently and i thought why not do a challenge to show off my bad skills in it.

Trying to set myself high goals in it and see how it goes.


Sexy picture:




Current setup:








3500 DPG 

70% WR

100 battles


If anyone has any recommendations on what i could change, feel free to do so.


I will post the replays every ten battles.


Current Stats:






More APCR will be loaded.




First batch: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kus99ua2lel6duk/M46+Replays+Batch+1.zip

Second: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7z945575j12eb7f/M46_Patton_2_Batch.zip




Lets hope i can do dis.

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Good luck, but I think you will 'need' a bit more apcr, as the snapshot-bounces are annoying sometimes. Full sprem and leave the aiming shit to pubbies  :doge:

Get real.




GL on WR, dpg seems do-able.

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Get 3250 DPG and I gift you a Sexton I.





PS: Oversized pic is symbolic for the amazing awesomeness of the sexton.

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DPG is too low for that WR. Either increase DPG or lower WR.


Not if solo.

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First five games went shit. 20% WR and 2.5k DPG. If you allow me to say it but the reason is mainly because my teams shitted themselfs. Will report in tomorrow again.

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I find your damage and winrate targets to be set really high if this is a solopub challenge. Especially considering you are not going full apcr spam which the Patton really needs to hit those numbers.

But good luck with it ;)

Also, I moved your topic to a more appropriate section of the forum.

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I have the feeling that this challenge will go horribly wrong, maybe its just because the first 5 Games went shitty. I will not change my goals because it is doable and i like the challenge.


@WW I will consider loading more APCR, thanks. :D

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So fuck these teams seriously. Never had so many tards in my team before, its insane, cant even damage farm probably.


40% WR and 2.9k DPG


Tank feels comfy and hits the target most of the times. Accuracy is shite and the aim time aswell but it guess not everything can be perfect.






Gonna continue and try to focus more on damage farming. Lets hope it will get better with the teams.






Hall of Shame



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