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Gud tanks post Le Great Balanse of 201

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random disclaimer: I never could figure where threads go on here due to amazingly descriptive and intuitive forum sections; move as needed or nuke if duplicate


By now im sure everyone has seen the roflcoaster of rage that will soon land on a PC near you. Ill just ignore all that and move on to more pressing issues. What tanks will actually not be complete utter shit after that patch hits?


Here would be my incomplete list, add yours. Use whatever ammo to benchmark it.


121. The horrible gun gets decent handling buffs and heat remains a usable 320. From playing the 30b with its 320, its actually ok. Overall 121 wins



stb1. this KV2 in disguise actually gets a buff. it becomes mainly a heat spammer but since that tank always required food to be useful, who cares, was never a cheap tank. got $, run it. broke? don't run it.


t110e4. It retains more than ample pen on all shells but with greatly improve gun handling. a clear buff.


t32/t29 slight buff but nothing big. I almost didn't want to put them here.


foch1fiver same as the e4.


ASSUMING all tanks not mentioned in released list will be untouched we have


is4. retains current is8 gun and with hd armor buff, it should make it downright annoying. I expect a hard nerf soon, but for now, its the new VK (after the short lived buff it had)


907/mSixty pubbie tear farmer reward tanks. Russian meds get shoved under the ground, 907 retains original meds gun. fuck yes? same for tearfarmer.


super pershing the hd remodel gave it some actual armor up front. with the nerf to many tier 9s, esp the german Nazi op as fuck cant pen lower plate box, this is an indirect buff to this slow tank that relies on dpm and apcr spam to be relevant. since now it can rely on armor too.



113. retains its heat and its ap becomes basically above average at 249







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M60 didn't get touched, probably be slightly better for the few that own it :P


113 feels better than 121, but that's just me. Wish I went down Chinese heavy line :/


Absolute RIP WZ1111111111 pen though.. atleast 2.9s to 2.7s aimtime

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oh wz111 problems? bro is8 got murdered. :(


probably my fault. I kept telling people it wasn't bad like the pubbies claimed and look what happened

7/1 and 4202 now get less pen, are still to slow and fat to flank well, and dont have a worthwhile prem round except in rare occasions and the 7/1 got absolutely nothing in exchange for its nerf because 7/1 OP.

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Only it doesn't because Leo 1 will have way better gun handling along with nearly the same RoF.


Right now: STB has 0.14-0.14-0.14 dispersion and Leo has 0.08-0.18-0.18.


Come patch, STB will have 0.12-0.12-0.12 and Leo will have 0.08-0.12-0.12.


Honestly, the Leo will be better off in relation to the STB1 gun-handling wise than it is now.


Keep in mind that the Leopard 1's base accuracy is much better so the penalty multipliers have less flat effect.


M48 will be a completely useless turd outclassed by the Leo in every way.

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Glad I have almost every tier 10 I guess... IMHO this is going to increase gold spam by 10x at tier 10. Otherwise good luck penning IS7/IS4/E100 or even RU meds reliably with 230 pen.

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