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Getting worse and worse. I need help

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removing session stats and xvm if you havent already is very good

also, after further testing I think playing as a 10k battle 400 wn8 maus literally gives you a cloaking device and doubly as effective armor

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The only thing I am worried about is how long this bad period is going to last for, its already been 4 weeks. I wish I had your attitude though. I could never say its just a game. With everything going on in my life this is all I got, its more than just a game to me. But I will have to face the facts sometime in the future. :(

I have been into WWII history from a very young age, but I think the main reason that I have gotten so into WoT myself is because of people like you in the WoTLabs community (and some on the original official XBOX and PC forums)!  I admire that you and so many others here push yourself to get better at the game (as I do).  The drive to better your performance in a general sense is a great quality that will serve you in many aspects of your life, but like any overused strength it can start to be self-destructive when you push too hard.

For example, before wife, kids, soccer coaching, owning our own business, etc, I used to golf a lot and was pretty good at it.  I only go out once or twice a year now if I'm lucky, and I have to be really careful to not obsess and feel embarrassed for the entire round thinking about what I can't do now that I used to be able to do before.  It will drive me 100% crazy if I let it.  I have to consciously remind myself to have fun and forget about the score and then I find myself having fun and hitting more good shots - by thinking and stressing less.

For me, WoT is very similar to golf - 3 or 4 really good games (shots) followed by a few complete potatoes (shanks into the water), so I get really frustrated at certain moments, too.  But on the whole, I enjoy playing, working to improve, and following the community behind this game.

Lastly, not to sound like your dad, but try to keep the negative things going on in your life from affecting how you view yourself.  It's impossible to say that those things won't affect you, but they don't have to define you.  I went through my own stuff when I was younger and I really believe those negatives have made me a lot more successful in the longer run (what doesn't kill you does make you stronger).  I just wished I could have seen that at the time and I wouldn't have made myself so miserable.  Things in life tend to even out over the long run if you let them, just like your W/R in WoT...



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I didnt do bad tonight. I platooned with Zeph and then Merkel for a bit. Pulled this:kPeYFM9.png

Wn8 seems a bit low for 3722 average dmg. It boosted my esteem some.


I still have it in me but I still am not up to the level I want.

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Nice seeing you tonight! Even though we did kinda ruin that windstorm game :(

 well good thing is that was my only bad game. I had 3 tanks yolo me just to die to a wt and 57. Even then I was only able to get a shot off:(

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