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2500 WN8 | 59% WR Recent Looking For Platoon Maties

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Kind of new to WotLabs and don't really know my way around here, so sorry if I put this in the wrong place...

I'm kind of looking for some platoon mates that are good and can teach me some things a long the way. 

I mainly want to run 8 (usually premiums to grind credits) and 10s.

I was on vacation for 3 weeks with some friends and my younger 10 year old brother managed to get onto my account... so my garage is a little... 'different' then when I last saw it. So I'm kind of on a credit grind to buy back some 9s and 10s. 

I have Teamspeak 3.

Available from 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM EST most days (as I still have yet to work out a schedule)...

I just really can't stand pubbies, and I'm not able to carry by myself... 

So... yeah...

Anyways, thanks :D

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Gais you let Melo into the thread...

INB4 he kills it ;) 

Sure,occasional T9 would be nice tho, 75% of garage is T9s. East is fine, but I'd prefer west if you don't get bad ping :)

Eh I'm okay with West since I'm usually platooning with LemmingCrush... tbh even tho I live in Michigan I feel like I'm getting better ping on West... weird :/ 

Ohayou~ MAHOU is recruiting dank memesters! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I sorry... I cannot dank meme D: 

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