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Greetings! Mudkip(MUDKP) is a new Social clan (eww, how horrible) for all of our Mudkip kind! 
What are we about?
Mudkip is primarily a Strongholds and Tournament oriented clan. We will also be participating in clan wars but it will be an optional event for our members to attend.
-A recent WN8 rating of near or OVER Super Unicum
-A recent win rate of OVER 60%
-Teamspeak 3
-don't become a headache in TS
-Be ACTIVE, while we do not require attendance for Clan Wars, we expect some half decent activity and participation in strongholds, etc.
-Own preferably multiple Tier 6, and 8 Meta tanks, along with at least 3+ tier 10 CW tanks.
~overall stats are nice and all but as long as you can demonstrate that you aren't crap at the game and just elc padded all the way up we really don't care what your overall is
-dont quite meet one of our reqs? have other areas you excel in? ask about recruiting anyways.
Drop by our TS @ ts.frost-hosting.com and see what we are all about
RECRUITMENT: Zapyoug > Im_Contributing > OneTrue_Pro
Player Compaints: Zapyoug > Im_Contributing > OneTrue_Pro > Stiltzin
Diplo: Zapyoug > Im_Contributing > OneTrue_Pro
Join the mudkip army


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I think OTL would have a heart attack if it was an anime clan. Pokemon is alright, but I think even that is stretching him somewhat.

There is also the games, both the videos games and trading card game.

Also I guess I'm going to be MUDKP's resident shitlord.

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First of all, you're doing it wrong. You're supposed to advance to a rank within a preexisting clan where you can steal their gold before leaving to create your own clan.

Secondly, fuck you guys for spreading even further an already thin talent pool for non-CW oriented players.

Thirdly, good luck. 

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