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On 10/9/2016 at 6:32 AM, Kolni said:




if anyone wants replays of this i got 56 of them (5 games with bad 105 and 2 0 dmg disconnects)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/h6bb8w5cepd0n5u/Tiger II top DPG all servers.rar?dl=0


Last session for reference

Tiger 2 <3 Finally someone else who appreciates its power. Got 100% on my one also. The gun is just orgasmic when the tank is slow slow your bloom is like nothing. The most accurate HT in the game I think. Noice!

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On 2016-10-10 at 4:11 PM, dudixy said:

That's disgusting! :kjugh:


welp, i have even more trollerino today :D



Not a very hard tank to 3mark but that isn't the thing:



tank is fucking amazing, only took 36 games :serb: 



last session for reference (10k wn8 lol)

here's all the replays: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mj6otbypcblno9p/T21 1%2C7K DPG 3MOE36GAMES.rar?dl=0


Funny thing is that I didn't really have any bad games. I really shaped up in the consistency department.


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On 2016-10-12 at 2:36 AM, SkittlesOfSteeI said:

What's a good indication that you'll get your moe in less than 100 games? By what time should you have your first or second? 

Forgot about this, but I generally go for 30 games at first mark for a sub 75 game 3MoE. The more you slack early the more pressure you get. resulting in bad play later so I'd stick to it. The push between 65 and 85 is the most painful one when it comes to sub 100 game marks simply because fuckups start getting punishing fast and the grind is just as long as the final MoE push (assuming you can produce kinds of results that is) and you just can't summon the 3mark tryhard pants like you'd do otherwise. 

For reference, some of my sub 100 marks: 

T32 was 3marked at exactly 75 with 2nd at 55 and 1st at 33 games. 

Tiger II was 3marked at 63, with 2nd mark at 45 and first mark at 28 games

M46 KR was 3marked at 99 games, with 2nd mark at 75 and first mark at 40 (I had a REALLY rough start in this one, 32% WR after 50 games and 1800 DPG, fixed up to 2300 and 50 something in WR for the completion of the mark)

T54E1 was done in 82 games but I can't remember where I got the second and first mark.. I think I had the first mark pretty late (rough start) but even broke 4K dpg in this for a brief moment during the second part of the mark and getting the second mark really fast in comparison (around 50 games) and I also had 94,9% at 74 games with a huge choke at the finish line)


It mostly comes down to how consistently you can put out good games anyway, a bad game goes away pretty fast if you can just perform on a high enough level anyway. Derp ratio higher than even 10% makes sub 70 game marks pretty much impossible

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