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world of tanks colorblind mode

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Im wondering if there is a base option in world of tanks to enable colorblind mode (enemy tanks are blue instead of red) similar to how things look in circonflexes modpack.

no, not colorblind, my vision is more or less normal. I just find the blue nicer to look at and *insert half of tinfoil hat* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X31K6jammH0

seems legit

I do have a tendency to yolo a little bit... as in all the yolo

so in general? anyone got a mod or a place to go to change this?

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Same here. I enable colourblind because the HUD is more aesthetically pleasing lol. 

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Well I see it as purple :P

The main thing that annoys me with colorblind mode is that on winter maps it is really hard to distinguish between the purple and the background.

Edit: Yes, there is a colorblind mode built into the game. Though the tanks become purple not blue (though some of my friends insist it is blue not purple). Go to settings, graphics, center bottom is a checkbox you can select.

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thenk ye

now my game can be slightly less hideous



purple colors are also softer on the eyes, support for black and white tanks version

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Would anyone know how to change the vehicle silhouettes manually in the current state of the xvm configs?

I'm colorblind. I find the vanilla coloblind purple bad, and a blue that xvm target markers is giving me is even worse. I'd need something like a light blue color. As it is, I'm half blind when trying to find the outlines of enemies.

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