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Introduce myself i should that forum description said..

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so well, i guess i'm doing it.. after somebody bluntly lured me in here by simply asking the right question.. (not pointing fingers here) :D

As you can clearly see, i'm quite bad at thinking of nicknames, be it in-game or in-forums.

Speaking tanks, i'm still grinding, mostly all lines at the same time, more often than not getting bored of the tank the second i elited it. Light tanks are good. Mediums are okay. Also the IS-2 is a blast (was a blast until i finished the grind). I'm also quite good at understating stuff.

Anyways.. to sum it up.. hi ! :)

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Welcome to the forums, may this land bring you peace of mind... and stress... and love... and hate... and monolouging.

Good luck and have fun everyone ;) Die Spectacularly :P

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