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Va1heru's South East Asia Conquest (with replays too!)

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Hi, my name is Va1heru (Val works fine but,) this is my now one and only replay thread where you can see me play like complete trash for days on end and then run 60 games at 4k WN8 (Thanks @Kitten and @ForkUrEyes <3)

And yes, it is possible to be good at tanks and be attractive :^)






I am one of a few high level Australian players on the ASIA/SEA server

I play a mix of solo and platoons, I will pretty much plat with anyone just like send me a PM and say you're from WoTLabs <3

You will typically find me playing mediums or fast heavies (the RhM is the exception,) I despise slow tanks that cant make an impact on the battle

I stream all my games on Twitch and upload nice games and sessions to Youtube!


I should also like to extend a invitation to any NA/EU WoTLabs friends who would like to brave SEA, I have an alt account here with an IS 7, E4, CAX and assorted 8/9's, it has terrible stats so the camo will be real, PM me if interested!


Now enough shenanigans




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Play your leo1 much recently?

Im like 25kxp from unlocking, and im not sure if i want to spend the credits on it.

I always play my Leo 1 m9. I can post some replays, Ill play it today. But if you really need some now,


This is my go to replay thread if I need to improve

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What the fuck is going on, these 3 games in a row..





Also my DPG in the 62 is at 2.9 which is nice

:gaben:well done

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So todays/nights/this mornings session was pretty great, got the 62A to 94.49% MoE but its since tanked to 93% and Ill leave it til tomorrow. I ran a combo of 62a, Leopard 1 and 30Bae although I played like complete shite in the leo (soz @Skell brah.) It was a mix of solo and platooned and I blame Forkyscrub for the WN8 not been 5k QQ.



A few select replays from the session that I thought were good.



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me and blastoise eating brownies with stalin

Fuck bro I'll try but I'm very new to making them so I'll see how I go. 

^ yes

I uploaded a tonk vidya to make myself feel better. Features you rigging IM missions for dong, its a SEA thing. ;)

I did get the mission in that game too 

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You on in about 8 hrs val? got 80k left on amx prot, Leveled out at 3350 dpg in 70 battles :D

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I just woke up so I'll be on most of tonight. 

Sweet, I am just heading to sleep maybe, I don't know, Do you wanna play 9's? or got other things to do?
If So I'll jump back on, lemme know.

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Nope das not me. What gave you that idea lmao?

Because you guys use a cat as a picture. Well nvm. :S

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