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Help with Zayaz Damage Panel

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I love Zayaz, but one of the latest updates broke it. For anyone wondering what it looks like, it's in the preview screenies in my modpack thread.

This is the damage panel topic in the RU forum: http://forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/topic/715911-0810-прицел-и-мод-боевого-интефейса-от-zayaz/#topmost

I'm having a hard time following whats going on there. I see a lot of lookalike damage panels popping up, which makes me question why there's not a direct port of Zayaz. Literally every copy of it is uglier than the real damage panel. Am I missing it? Google translate isn't doing much for me here.

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...thanks for the effort, but that's not what I'm looking for. Those are downloads for a long-since-abandoned version of zayaz, back in 0.8.10 a million patches ago. Since then the mod has been kept up to date by the community.

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The most recent post has a download that ends up looking pretty identical to the old Zayaz. Unless I'm missing something. 



EDIT: Oh hm. It comes with a super ugly damage log that I didnt get in that picture. That's unfortunate. Also just noticed all of the modules are re-positioned from the original Zayaz. 

Edit2!~: I have, through clever use of pressing the "delete" button, managed to remove the ugly damage log to keep my usual one. The weird mini-map overlay remains. I'm not even sure if it is from this mod or from something else, and I am now confused because I genuinely can't remember if the minimap was like that before or not.

http://forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/topic/715911-0810-прицел-и-мод-боевого-интефейса-от-zayaz/page__st__2680__pid__38988076#entry38988076 The very first link, the one called "no_xvm.zip" if you translate with chrome. After downloading, delete both the configs and mods folders. Ran a couple games. Will look at potentially customizing it more but it's usable in the mean time.

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That minimap comes from copying over the 'battle.swf' file - remove the one you got from this damage panel and insert the one you get from xvm.


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Not a fan of how that looks - that bright, flat color HP bar looks horrid, and the font definitely doesn't help. I don't like the changes to the minimap or leftmost gauge either. Also, why would I need to know my own username and vehicle? Just seems like pointless text.

For comparison, here's the original Zayaz:



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Just as cool as the looks of the Zayaz panel was the ability to Ctrl-Click on damaged module or crew icons in the lower left panel to repair/heal them (vs. having to type in the numerical sequence)...

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I definitely could, the functionality is there. Didn't think about it though! You mean like a total of all the damage you've bounced, right?

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I did some editing of my own for the damage blocked and move to the left side under the chat box. Which i really like makes it simple but easy to glance at in game. :)  

Changes Made :

"position" : {
            "x" : 0, // координаты элемента по оси Х.
            "y" : 520, // координаты элемента по оси Y.
            "align" : {
                "x" : "left", // выравнивание элемента по оси Х (left, center, right).
                "y" : "top" // выравнивание элемента по оси Y (top, center, bottom).

maybe make this default or I'll can keep as personal preference.

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