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Ok guys I just saw this on the Armored Patrol blog. Xbox players get this little toy.

  • French F224 AMX Chaffee (Light Tank, tier VI)


Hit Points 604
Weight / Load limit - 19.78 / 21t

Engine Power - 560

56 Speed Limit km/h
46 Hull Traverse Speed
46 Turret Traverse

Hull Armor - Front 25 / sides 25 / rear 19

Turret Armor- Front 40 / sides 20 / rear 20

Gun - 75 mm SA50
Shell cap - 36
Damage - 101 - 169
Penetration - 108 - 180
Rate of Fire - 13.85
Type 64 is already funny tank, especially for SH Battles and I would love to see this tank for PC Masterrace.



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Yes it is, real prototype.
Give this and Sherman FL-10 at tier 6, AMX 13 Chaffee turret at tier 5. Thanks in advance WG


It looks so weird. Was this even a real tank?

I never say no to more light tanks. I love my light tanks so this one would be welcome as well.


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kinda looks like the old chaffee

could be fun if it where given the option of a single shot

It's a premium tank, not a chance.

If this tank has the terribad terrain resistance of the 12t it would be awful. Has better gun handling though.

Don't forget this is only for console peasants for now, no idea if it will come to PC.

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Hello Warriors,

I'm sad to confirm that according to inside sources there are currently no plans to introduce the Chaffee with the AMX 13 turret to the PC version of world of Tanks. The same thing goes for the T-34-88 premium tank.
The Chaffee with the AMX 13 turret was originally planned for introduction a very long time ago but unfortunatly the developers decided to not do it for now.



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