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I wouldnt buy PALIT GPUs - did that once and never again, their support is just horrible.

And 400€ for a  GTX970 is just plain robbery.


Shops I have positive experience with: Hardwareversand.de; Mindfacory, ALTERNATE and the one that tops them all JZelectronic.de - best service there is including custom BIOS for motherboards and GPUs if needed.


The EVGA ACX2.0 cooler is ok for the GTX970; EVGA accepts coil whine as RMA reason + you can get an extended warrenty (up to 5 years) for a small fee if you buy a GPU with "KR" at the end of the part number.


edit: selection of 970 cards I 'd personally consider

Thanks! :music:

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question, from where should I buy the graphics card? I only ever bought any computer stuff from Mindfactory, found this (got my pc from there) and from amazon, found this (last graphic card) ? 

My advice, please buy GTX970 and don't go for retarded companies. Many times good/excellent overclock companies are shut down, because of poor sales of overpriced hardware. 

So look for warranty and big sales numbers (mostly cheap OEMs) and there you go. Fuck fancy coolers, and LEDs, go for bang for buck. (and savings on GPU spent on more ram, ssd and stuff like that). 

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Late to the party but I bought one of these last year when my other monitor crapped out.  AMAZING, that is all.




I was able to pick this and a Gigabyte GTX770 4gb card up for under $550 US roughly a year ago.  Never a hiccup even playing graphics intensive games like BF4.

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