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How to research and gain experience as a player

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Some people say that there is a right way, and a wrong way to progress up the tech tree.  I am going to tell you my way, and why I do it as such.  

If you take a look at your crew you will notice that after each battle you partake in, they gain a little bit of experience.  The more battles you put them in, the more experience they get. Simple right?  I have friends who plow their way through the tech tree.  Sure they get to the higher tiers faster... but their crew remained relatively untrained and the player him/herself may not know how to play their tank to the fullest potential.  What I believe is the most efficient way (if you want to have a good PR) is to grind your tanks out.  This may not necessarily mean that once you have researched everything for one tank you move on to the next.  Take a look at my tanks for example.  You will notice that I progressed up the light tanks to the Chaffee and stopped... the reason being is that I plan to use the free experience I earn from the Chaffee to unlock the Hellcat.  By doing this, I allow my tank crew to gain a ton more experience and I get more personal time learning on how to drive the tank effectively.  In my head, I have certain milestone to progress up.  My current ones are:
Hellcat, Cromwell, FV304, Chaffee

Why these tanks?  For the personal missions of course!  By using this system, I can maximize my potential by focusing on one tank at a time, then using the tanks I'm already skilled at to unlock the other types.  These tanks in my opinion (after lost of research and community input) are the best tanks to play for the road to Unicum.  Obviously I have a long way to go, but I believe after I unlock the Hellcat, my grinding will be faster since I can focus more on what I'm shooting at as apposed to trying not to hit a stupid rock.

Well that is my take on researching and gaining combat experience.  I would love to hear your input on what you do, why, and if you think you should have done things differently.  I appreciate you guys partaking on this quick read.

Good Luck, Have Fun :P Die Spectacularly ;) 


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My opinion:

1) It would be superior to jump to tier 8+ to grind free xp instead of lower tiers.

2) British crews are useless unless you want to grind arty / FV251b. Not the best investment.

3) The waffle line is currently better with the missions in mind (unless E3).


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Basically, you play a single tank for an extended amount of time to get free xp, better crews and become skilled in this tank. Everybody who buys a premium tank to grind credits and plays it for a few hundred battles does the same.

When trying to improve, keep in mind that 
(a) there is a difference between raising your skill level with regard to a specific tank and raising your general skill level (across all tanks),
(b) the meta game varies across tiers and
(c) that there are different playstyles for different tank (sub-)classes at different tiers.

Your idea of having projects, on the other hand, is good because it lets you practise different aspects of the game - however, the FV304 doesn't fit with the rest of your selection (vision-centric mobile tanks vs low-alpha arty). Moreover, this game is a lot about experience and knowing enemy tanks is a big part of it. Using a lot of free xp is certainly nice but can also be a curse because especially in the beginning, you want to get as much experience as possible and playing only one tank doesn't provide that. Additionally, using a "regular" tank as apart to a premium means you forego 50% crew xp per battle, i.e. is a bad choice.

From my personal experience:

I find that switching between tiers is helpful. Play a hundred battles at tier X, then a hundred at tier X+1, then go back to tier X. This allows you to identify differences in the gameplay across tiers - after all, some things become obvious only when seen in comparison.

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I play pretty much everything which explains why it has taken me 9 months to get my first tier 8.  I have a crew grinding through every line except for French heavies and most arty.

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Smells like a reroll here, but in case it's not, I'll share a few quick thoughts:

1- If you can use it, the T67 is probably better than the Hellcat for the missions.  The rest of the line has some decent tanks (25/2, T30) and some relative clunkers (T28 proto and E4 aren't stellar).  The Hellcat used to be a dream, not so much any more.  T67 still is.  Cromwell is a fine tank, American light tree is fun.

2- Your idea of grinding tanks to get to learn them is a nice idea.  But good luck with that at Tiers 9 and 10.  I save my free XP for unlocking tank modules, especially at Tier 8+.  I NEVER use free XP for unlocking a tank above low tiers.  Be prepared to spend some gold for free XP unless you want to grind forever.  Tournaments help a lot with that.  But there are tanks you will want to spend free XP on prior to grinding them (e.g., I didn't want to grind my new T32 with a stock paper turret).

3- Grinding only a few lines at a time is helpful in both learning and keeping costs down.

4- If PR means personal rating, no one cares about that.

5- You have a lot of games at Tier 1- 300+.  Why?

6- Arty sucks.

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I didn't go past tier 8 until about 10k games and didn't get a tier 10 until 13k games.  I also forced myself to play tier 2 until I had a crew with sixth sense in 4 different nations before I moved to tier 3.  I took my sweet time playing a lot of different lines and don't regret it one bit.

However, in hindsight, there's a few lines I would have ground out all the way instead of getting to tier 8 or so then trying a new line, simply so I'd have more experience in tier 10s by now.  Those lines would be the E5, 140, Bat Chat and IS-7.  Granted I have all those tanks in my garage now but I wish I had gotten them even sooner.

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TL;DR: What motivates you to play tanks? I play tanks that are fun and interesting to me and my playstyle. IMs are an addition to gameplay, not the end goal of gameplay. Grinding a strong crew at mid tiers is overkill and it is better to grind crews as you advance. Don't torture yourself by playing 500 games in the Hellcat. Being a unicum means being good at all tanks. Suggestion that you pick a meta line and grind up to tier 10. Details on what tanks are good for IMs.

First off, I'm going to say I'm impressed. Having the chaffee as your first tier five, with it's +/-3 matchmaking, and doing as well as you are in it, is fairly impressive. Next, I have to say that your post has made me incredibly confused.

Why are you playing World of Tanks?

I downloaded this game in March 2013 right after the anime Girls und Panzer had ended. I was very much into weapons and armor at the time, and I had heard about this game in discussions about the show online. What did I do? I wanted to get the coolest fucking tanks around. I wanted the Panther, the Stug, the Tiger II, and the T-34-85. I played a few different lines in mid tiers and enjoyed myself. Then once I started playing with people from /vg/ and NTR I realized I needed a tier 10 to get into that clan so I went up to the T-62A (luckily for me, I got to join the much more fun-oriented subclan which was formed during that period). I've always played this game because driving around tanks is fun. Trolling people in pubs is fun. Having solid wins and carries is fun.

All I can deduce from your post is that you either A) Are playing this game for the Individual Missions, or B)Want to be a unicum. If either of those is your motivation, I take issue with it. First off, the IM are a side thing. They can be a nice challenge for good play and the rewards in credits and free exp are cool. The only tank worth it to me is the Obj 260, which takes a lot of effort to get even if you focus on it. But picking your tanks based on what is good for the IMs? You are putting the cart before the horse. Most IMs can be done in any tank (at least, any tier 7/8 scout or tier 8/9/10 tank). The point is to get tanks that interest you while doing the IMs, not getting tanks for the IMs. I also take issue with your tank choices but I'll write about that at the very end.

You are vastly overestimating the impact of having a trained crew at mid tiers. A properly skilled and equipped tank is essential for competitive end game play. The skills and equipment can give you the edge over your opponent and help minimize the negative factors of a tank while boosting the positives. This is fairly specific to end tiers, though. Mid tier pub match play is much different. Many players at mid tiers have no idea about map knowledge and the meta of the game. The games move very fast. It is nice to have a 3 skill crew on a tier 6 tank, but quite frankly it's overkill. Even having a 100% crew puts you above and beyond most people you face at these tiers. Having 6th sense? You might as well be a god. You are looking at exponentially diminishing returns for grinding the crew on an already elited tank. It is just a waste of time. You are better off moving the crews up a line as you go. That way you will keep training the crew while unlocking different tanks. And you want to unlock different tanks and progress up the lines. The vast majority of users on this website agree that high tiers are more enticing to skilled players. Mid tiers are too random, too dependent on whether or not you get good MM (ie being a top tier tank, being a tier 6 in a t8 game is no fun). When you do want to grind crews, there are premium vehicles (which offer bonus exp), personal reserves for bonus crew exp, and weekend events/missions that over increased crew training.

Tackling point B), so you want to be a unicum. A unicum certainly doesn't skip straight to the hellcat and play hundreds of games in it for IMs... The entire line leading up to the Hellcat is great. Why wouldn't you play the T18, T82, M8A1, and T67? They are all great tanks. My image of a unicum is someone who can take any tank and make it work. Look at this profile. It's Rexxie, a super-unicum who is very active on this site. Over half of his tanks are played at >2400 wn8. Even for tanks that are quite frankly crappy compared to the rest of the tier, like the SU 101, AMX M4 mle. 45, and 59-16, he puts up numbers that are incredible compared to the vast majority of the user base. You have gotten off to a great start, and if you keep improving your game you could easily have purple wn8 after several thousand more battles. The key is to learn to play every tank well, not just meta ones.

With your ability now, you should consider picking one line and grinding it all the way to tier 10. Pick any line you like, but in general the T62A, T110E5, and IS-7 lines are considered the most beginner friendly (and each line has some great tanks in it as well as leading to an excellent tier 10). You will need high tiers for the T55A and OBJ 260 IMs anyway. Here are my thoughts on your tank choices for the missions (these are in line with my sentiments that you should do the missions while going through multiple tanks rather than grinding one super crew on one tank for all the missions).

The FV304 is a fun tank, but for the arty missions you are much better off buying the M41 researched from the chaffee and going down that line. It is the most consistent and easy to play arty line in the game, and it ends at tier 9 so you don't have to grind 270k+ for a tier 10 SPG (especially considering how gimped SPG exp gain is). Pretty much every SPG mission in the game can be done using the M40/43 or M53/55. SPG 15 3 and 4 might need a failplatooned M44 slinging heat, the tracking one for 3 and 4 would be easiest with a FV304 and good platoonmates but could be done with the M44 and other pieces, and the bombardier ones might need a T92 or ConcGC but I imagine they are still doable with the 53/55.

TD missions can be mostly done with a T67 and an SU-122-44. You also will need a tier 9 or 10 TD for a few of the high damage ones. I'm going to (eventually) get an Obj 263 as that's the only end tier TD I would like to play even though the line up to it isnt that good (TDs are my least favorite class). Edit: Took out my suggestions, here is a thread that has more insight on the utility of TDs nowadays.

MT missions can be done with pretty much any line. Cromwell and Comet are great for them, but there is only questionable value in going past the Comet. T-34-85 plays differently than the Cromwell but is more than capable of doing most of those missions. Moreover, it leads to the T-54 and T-62/Obj140, some of the best medium tanks in the game that you will eventually get (everyone does. EVERYONE).

HT missions can all be done with tanks from the IS-7/E-100/E5 lines.

LT missions... why the chaffee? The T37 is an amazing tank and is an important meta tank to have for T6 competitive play. The M41 is bonkers as well. Pretty much any T8 light tank can be used for all the missions. LTs are fun to play.


Just a few thoughts I had... or more than a few. I'm looking forward to hearing your response. If you want more in-depth information about doing the IMs, I highly encourage you to read all 60 pages of this thread about them. That way you will see what strategies and tanks people use to do them and see that they can be completed with a wide variety of vehicles. Keep in mind that a lot of the posts on the thread were from when the IMs first launched. The missions have been changed slightly since then and people seem a bit less crazy about doing them now.

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Why are you playing World of Tanks?

A long time ago I was at a historicon in Washington D.C.  There were Wargaming reps that were handing out installation CD's for the closed alpha. I just put the disk in my drawer and forgot about it... the worst decision I could have made.  Anyway, A good friend of mine pulled me into the light and started me up.  I feel like I cheated myself on being among a select group of testers but alas here I am.  That is how I started playing WoT.  

As for how I have evolved... yes, I will not argue when I first started out I have that try-hard dream... but over time I have grown fond of the actual game-play.  The tanks that I have chosen were tanks that I believed would be the most fun for my type of play style (notice they're tanks with either speed, maneuverability or both) I enjoy driving the tanks around as well as trusting they can get the job done...  I like the Chaffee especially since I like to go "slip-n-slide" with it.

Sorry if you found my post confusing.  I really enjoyed reading your response and input on the situation.

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