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  1. 1. If 73% WR is the equivalent of being struck by lightning over 7,000 times in a row, who's more lucky?

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you gotta rebuild momentum, regain about 6% to get back to where you were (94.5% too often)... Then start questioning if it's even possible for you etc... 

All you gotta do is pick a pretty easy tank like the 62A (not something like STB or FV42 which will be frustrating), go hard and break through so you know you can do it.

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That's a cute story and all but like everything else that comes out of a dragon's mouth, its a forked tongue lie. 

I won't deny it, you and tay tay might have shared one special moment back in high school.  The summer air, the freedom of childhood, her beautiful eyes, her style, the confusing hormones coursing through your 17 year old were drunk before you tasted your first beer.  There you were -- some rich kid who figured he is untouchable because his daddy was in a magazine once.  We all know your type all too well.  She tried to avoid you when you threw rocks at her to flirt, but its hard for a young girl to tell a purple haired cunt to bugger off.  She asked her father for help, and he told you to chill.  Like the little bitch you are, you acted all respectful and then tried to slither in once he turned his back.  You cornered her in the gardens, your fat pink mast erect with anticipation.  When you and JonCon "practiced" kissing, you were training for this moment.  You went in for the kill, she never saw it coming.  By the time she was able to get her hands up and push you away, disgusted, it was too late.  You were in love.

Now its just high school, so maybe you could be forgiven if ended there.  And people said you had changed.  You got a girl, some latino bird named elia.  But when we were 22, you saw her again, and the stalking started up again.  It was at Harrenhall, some gig put on for that Jamie kid's 21st.  Drink was flowing, music was going, everyone was having a good time.  Tay was sitting with me, as she should be.  We'd just recently gotten engaged.  Her brothers and I were roommates at uni, everything was going great...but then you walked in and had to act fifteen again.  So I'm 6'6", muscled like a maiden's fantasy, you are some harp playing skinny ass pussy.  I'm literally the bigger man, so we walk out.  We are pissed, but you were probably just drunk, again.

And then you fucking kidnapped her.

I knew you were trouble, but I never thought you would straight up kidnap and rape tay tay.  I mean jesus christ.  You say you remember some kid named Brandon....did you forget that was tay's brother?  Your father killed him, bro! He fucking murdered him after brandon tried to get tay back.  You had no right.  You had no honor.  Tay belongs to me.

But you're not sorry, and you are about to find out what Fearless actually means.

P.S.  Check out the new site I'm writing for:

We gonna get a forum up soon.  Join AW > WOT.  Stop fighting the RNG while chasing stats and start playing teams with tank tactics.


Silver hair, my eyes are purple - the inner supercum' shining through. All we need to do is compare, yellow was your colour wasn't it? Believe what you want about me and Tay... Whatever will help you sleep at night, because Cersei and the fifty other whores aren't helping you in that respect. You talk about honour yet cheat on your wife... Who returned the favour and gave you the joy of raising an absolute cunt of a prince, condone murder of the dragon & let your body turn into that of a morbidly obese, life drained wank stain. I may not have played by the rules while you were engaged, but let's face it, Tay ended up with the better man. One with life goals, intelligence, love & the combat ability to beat the absolute finest that Westeros had to offer... While drunk at your real baby daddy's 21st. All is fair in love and in war, big Bobby B, my purpose was completed before the war was over. I may have lost that, but I saved the world.



P.S. Westeros was completely fucked without me and Tay, my true son (do you want me to tell you what it's like to have one?) honours me. What have you got? Some entitled bitches who do nothing but squabble. I wish you were more like your brother, someone who cares about the realm. Maybe the one true king will make him hand one day.


P.P.S. Dad was a dumb cunt, we all knew Brandon wasn't a threat, F. 


Link to your articles pls :D


All you gotta do is pick a pretty easy tank like the 62A (not something like STB or FV42 which will be frustrating), go hard and break through so you know you can do it.

Gunna install ADU again and pay some really close attention to it from now on... Finding out how often I derp cos of tiredness and fixing it should help a lot. 

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Oh, that's rich.  The prematurely grey pretty boy tells me ringing whores' bells was bad.  Bitch, did you forget which one of us stepped past his wife to find someone to rape? 

You say I let the realm go to hell -- so why did shit get worse after I died?  The truth is I was the only thing that held it together.  Before me, your daddy was burning people alive.  After me, J3 was flinging people from catas.  And its only going to get worse, until my worthy heir and best brother Stannis takes his rightful throne.  So let's see -- I had a universally respected hand, controlled the faith, reconciled the dornish and reachers, cowed the lions, smashed the squids, kept the wolves happy.  Who else could have done that?  You say I beggarded the realm -- son, that just shows your ignorance.  A kingdom is not a person; your rules of finance don't apply.  You WANT the maximum debt you can service, because that injects capital into the system now and you can always restructure if needed later.  Littlefinger explained it to me.  And speaking of which, guess who let the talent rise, giving hope to the commons and turning a potential ally into a tool?  That's right, Big Bobby B -- the best ruler westeros has ever had.


The better man my ass.  I was wounded, weary, and alone.  You were well rested (probably just cleaned your nails and brushed your gray ass hair) and escorted by Barristan the Bold and others.  But we both know how this story ends -- My Fury covered in your blood.  As you bled to death in the trident, was it worth it?  Was raping my wife worth the genocide of your entire family?

And don't even get me started on Ashara's bastard.  The only thing he is good for is breaking his oaths and letting enemies into the wrong side of the wall.  And looking prettier than Tormond's daughters.  Don't worry though, my little brother can sort out Jon's mistakes. 

I can't blame you for loving Tay.  But once she friendzoned you you just couldn't take no for an answer, could you.  You raped the best woman on god's earth.  I know you tell your family you ran off in love, but answer me this -- if you ran off because of love why didn't she tell brandon to go home and stop the violence?  Why did you have to leave her in hiding and under guard?  Why did you have to bring a sword to get your "love" to run away with you?  Why does even your loyal friend Barristan admit you kidnapped and raped her -- he was fucking there!  He saw your shit.  And lest we forget...bitch, she was 14.  You were 35.  Move along, pedophile rapist.

That's when I stepped in.  You can yap about prophecy all day long; I stepped over your corpse and took everything from you.

P.S.  Brandon would have cut your dick off, fagget.  Did you forget that Jamie said Brandon was the only true wolf in the north?  The best fighter and rider past the neck?  The stark who loved the sight of blood on his sword (both of them).  His blood ran hot, and you raped his sister.  You sing pretty enough, I grant you, but Brandon wouldn't have come at you with an autotuner.

P.S.2.  Aegon

You keep playing this rape card, Bobby. Are you so far in denial that you thought she wasn't with me out of choice?!

Maybe it had something to do with the laissez-faire governance that ran rife throughout your leadership? Y'know, shit foundations for anyone other than yourself to prosper. We all knew what happened to the coffers. They were full when you took the crown, but a decade of paying cheques with your mouth that your arse can't cash would one to being in six million dragons in debt, need I remind you half of that is from your bitch wife's family? The growth your cash was spent on wasn't on the bettering of the country, it was about throwing fuck off parties, tourneys and feasts. 

You're like the biggest failure son-in-law ever, let alone king. You're that guy who keeps on apologizing to his girlfriend about his drug addiction, how he'll never hit her again, how he's going to change - lose the weight and be successful and yet every friday night goes out to his dipshit friend's house to get high & makes excuses about doing things he doesn't feel like. Where's your discipline? Where are your goals? Or is the only thing that can get you hard the prospect of war and killing? Read a book once in your life faggot.

Lest we forget. Only brain dead clickers start drama and wars over small scale obscenities - the trident was but one of these and as we all know, all men must die. At least I didn't get rekt by a boar, I mean, how much of a dumb cunt would you have to be to have that happen? I will not defend the mad king, but there was a well thought out plan for dealing with him, the big houses were going to find a way to silence him and let the one true king, me, rule. Of course you weren't invited to the table when these discussions were happening, who's heard of Baratheon? For your sake, I'll keep genocide of families short, House Baratheon will stand as possibly the shortest living "noble" house in Westeros at this rate... Remember the prophecy about Cersei's children? Even her bastards won't carry your name to the next generation. Besides that, what are you good for? You Baratheons... You were just born for war, meat with a hunger for hurting others, thick skulled retards. Your character is severely flawed. Take this from the most loved man Westeros has ever seen & one who was a naturally smart book worm nerd - srsly, you just pick on kids with glasses. :( I am the rightful king. One who knows the value of hard work, determination and courage, and their roles in moulding him into one of the greatest fighters & generally nice, well rounded guys the state has ever seen. 

You'll never have taken everything from me, not so long as the red lady is at the wall. He is my gift to the world... Not some melancholic image of torn lands thanks to a meathead who doesn't know the definition of tact.

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So now raping tay tay was small scale trivialities, huh?

Now let's set this straight.  Fact - you had to kidnap her at swordpoint.  She didn't go with you by choice, even your own blood admits this.  Dany wants to say how romantic it was to have rape fantasies, but frankly what do you expect from a girl whose idea of romance is getting raped by a barbarian when she was 13 and rewriting her victimization as love out of sheer will to survive.  Fact - you had to keep her hidden and under guard.  Why did you need to leave your three best there to keep her there if she loved you, dragondick?  Fact - your two best friends in this world, JonCon and Barristan both say you raped her.  Barristan is a loyal friend, and doesn't want to lie or talk bad about you...but note his extremely careful choice of words.  He knows what you did.  JonCon only wishes you had raped him instead; he makes no bones about it.  Fact -- all it would have taken was a letter to stop a war.  If she was there by choice, why not let tay tay save thousands of lives by proving it?  Last, have you forgotten you were a fucking grown ass man with a wife?  She was fucking 14.  You say god whispered in your dick that you had to rape a child to save the world.  You might even believe it, and call it love.  But the world knows what you are, pedophile rapist.

I'd try to tell you more about why its economically optimal not to repay national debt (and instead just service it, which I always did), but what the hell do you know about economics.  You never even paid your own rent; you've always had your daddy in charge.  While you were a 30 year old man role playing as a street performer, I ruled my own house at 17.  While you were prince you sat on your dick even as your daddy was clearly insane.  Your only moment of leadership involved starting a war over a dream and then getting your family killed (and breaking your so called prophecy to boot).  As King I brought the 7k the best 17 years in generations.  Proof is in the results, cousin.

I won't deny I wasn't Kingly with Cersei.  Time has proven I was right -- that bitch got all the honor she deserved. Only fear of me kept all the miscreants in line.  If I was terrible, I was the good kind of terrible -- the wolfhound who kept the wolves from devouring the sheep.  What would you do, play her a song on your harp until you all cried?

You think your legacy is Jon Snow.  Son, did you forget why your mad god said three heads of the dragon?  The three were Rhaenys, Aegon, and then mystery bastard...and oh right, two three of those are already dead.  Its obvious you missed the ball.  Not that Jon Snow's corpse means shit anyhow.  Oathbreaker and coward, let him rot at the wall.

Not that Jon is your child, anyhow.  Let's look at the actual facts, not your crazy dreams.  First, Ashara met Ned at the tournament at infatuated...and boinked...and was thereafter sent back home, preggers.  The Queen herself saw this, and so did everyone else.  Second, Ned shows up 9 months later, tells Ashara he killed her brother and is getting married to someone else...and she kills herself.  Ned is given her child, the same fucking child literally everyone in Starfall saw born, and carries it home to winterfell.  The Lord of Starfall even shared milk with that boy...the boy Jon Snow.  So you want to tell me everyone in starfall is lying about seeing Ashara get preggers, get fat, pop the kid out, feed it, and then give the child to Ned?  And where was the time?  We know it was 9 months from the tournament at harrenhall to after the TOJ...and we know you didn't kidnap tay tay until AFTER the tournament.  There simply wasn't time for her to be Jon's mother.  And if she gave this hypothetical dragon baby to ned, why didn't anyone (such as fucking me or the people in starfall) notice as ned came riding up?  Who fed the child during that trip (since tay tay was dead)?  Why would cersei lannister AND ned's wife both believe it?  Why does harwin?  Why does edric fucking dayne?  Why does wylla?  They were there.  And if tay was preggers in the months before TOJ...why didn't fucking barristan and the other KG's notice???  He watched her for months -- the mere fact that he never for a moment thought she had a child should make you wonder.  After all, he was there.  Face facts -- Ashara is Jon's mother, not Tay tay. 


You say I was born for killing thick skulled retards...I couldn't agree more.  And as I crushed your skull, it felt like victory.  You wasted your life trying to feel; I got things done that no one else could.

Ahh that was propaganda my dear friend, making the best out of a bad situation... Something your brother could never understand.

Stannis Baratheon: Kills his brother, got the Tyrells to ally with the Lannisters - losing him the Blackwater. Sacrificed his own daughter to the red god, causing him to lose half his men and horses (that's right motherfucker, we're going by the show now), whilst melting the snow that was keeping the larger army of the Boltons inside of Winterfell. The master of making a bad situation worse - it truly runs in your blood.

Besides it's 2015 now, BDSM is a thing now and we're all accepting of it. Let's see, if we were in love, people had the wrong idea about our truth & the world was a dangerous place, what do you think I'd do? Hire some sellswords to defend her?! She deserved nothing but the best. Talk is cheap, something that Ned and Barristan both found out... When it was too late. The victor writes their truth, you wanted Tay to be raped, just so you could have an enemy. The facts, you truly don't know. We forgot to pack the stark seal but by all means, take a read of the letter and then accuse me of forcing her to write it... I thought you said the war was about her brother and father getting rekt by the Mad King? All is fair in love and in war & let's face it, if she looks old enough... She's probably old enough.

Yeah, I had the blessing of a stable upbringing, do you want me to tell you what it was like? If you'll remember it correctly, it took a war and thousands of deaths to remove my "daddy" from the state of "in charge", so unless you like your head like Viserys, you'd learn to not question the sick cunt. I was a 30 year old prince - an expert in combat (but not born a man who loved to kill) & a genius who learned any skill or trait he needed/wanted at a touch. Turns out I was pretty good at picking up the chicks too. You and Aerys started the war, but let's remind ourselves who the GOAT is. His name is Targaryen. Jaehaerys Targaryen. 55 motherfucking years of great prosperity and peace. You didn't touch that. When it comes to Cersei, well I'd probably have used muh brain to sort shit out with her, made her feel of value and proceeded to control the shit out of the Lannisters regardless. But yknow, I visited a library, not all Baratheons can say they've enjoyed the honour.

SPOILERS!! I haven't read that far yet man, give me a couple of weeks to catch up!

The equivalent to a clicker ammoracking a legitimate irl purple by xvm focus cos of feels. Gratz man. You did get shit done though, literally.



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> making the best out of a bad situation...

Well yeah, I can see why you try to spin.  Maybe you should have just not raped and kidnapped a child, tho.

The world is a dangerous place, you say.  For pedophiles, sure.  You are liable to get your chest caved in by righteous Fury.  But dangerous for Tay?  Never.  She's been all over and never needed a guard.  Why would she, everyone loves her.  The only possible reason she needs to be locked up under guard is....oh right, so her brothers can't come rescue her.  Once again, you are a rapist not a hero, and all the evidence proves it.

You brag about the plan to kill your father, as if kinslaying somehow makes you more than a snake.  Did you forget who had Southron Ambitions?  It was Jon Arryn...the same Jon who fostered me and Ned, married one daughter to the tullys and the other to the starks to ensure their loyalty when the time came to remove your father.  Then plan was in motion already; all you did by kidnapping and raping tay was take yourself out of the plan, and I stepped up.

I never wanted to be king, but did my duty.  I was smart enough to know that I needed good men to help me.  Men like Jon Arryn, Ned Stark, Barristan the Bold, even tools like Varys, Littlefinger, and the Lannisters as long as they were sufficiently controlled (and under me, they were).  I turned war into prosperity -- 5x as much incomes as under your daddy.  I turned foes into friends, ending factoinalism that the Targ rule depended on. That IS wisdom in action, book worm.  You read about wisdom and think it made you wise.  I did wise things, and that's why you are just a footnote in my history books.


Sample some of those flames:


Many people believe Stannis is the greatest badass in westeros.  As incredible as the Mannis is, he is is not the greatest.  Behold, Cortney Penrose.  He only is mentioned for a total of 6 pages in one book...yet the amount of ass beating he dishes out takes the prize.



Oh Bobby, if winning means so much to you, and I think it does, I'll let you write your version of history. Just remember though, even in your version, you never kept Tay. :doge:


As much as I want to believe D&D didn't kill off Stannis... I just can't. The theories are all too tin foil hat. Idk man, it's bullshit if he dies cause of his potential, but I wouldn't put it past them. 
Also Cortnay Penrose is a BAMF... Maybe he'll take over the Baratheon army :unicum:

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Just pulling a leg on you, last pic is shooped. But still :D

It looks real as fuck man, nevertheless she's turning into Taylor Minaj. WHERE DID MY TAYTAY GO?!?! :( 

I knew it was shopped, that guy in the pic doesnt have my face :^)

Doesn't need your face, just your personality. <3

knew taytay couldn't have tits

Ass > personality > boobs.

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> Oh Bobby, if winning means so much to you, and I think it does, I'll let you write your version of history. Just remember though,

> even in your version, you never kept Tay. :doge:

Owwww :c

I'll do that, and kill every dragon I can get my hands on accordingly.  My story is a tragedy, no doubt.  Tay doesn't do happy endings.  But at least I was the hero, not the villain.

> As much as I want to believe D&D didn't kill off Stannis... I just can't. The theories are all too tin foil hat. Idk man, it's bullshit if he

> dies cause of his potential, but I wouldn't put it past them. 


The TV show alone, its hard to have hope.  But the books are so directly opposite its hard to reconcile it with the D&D bullshit.

Even the hardcore Mannis fans are shaken.  None dare say it out loud, but all tremble at the implications of Mother's Mercy.  The world is turned silent, sad, and grey.  :/

Good, keep your history, I never liked it anyway... Heave... Hell is so much better, Tay is riding me hourly and we're flying on dragons and shit... Bitch y'all just living in hell without any of the benefits, but long as y'all can call yourself the white knight with h0nure it's k.

Yea, this is a little bit of a scary trend, I know that Stannis seems like he's doing pretty well from what I've heard of the books, but now I'm just trying to catch up to ADWD to get the full scoop. I'll be pissed if he dies. Godspeed Garbad, I wish Stannis a healthy and profound reign WHEN he takes the throne. He just needs to follow this guy's advice :doit:.


Copy/Pasta from official forums. Probs not worth reading if you don't know EU players.

The Origins of E 50M, Vol I.


One day there was an E 50M roaming a field, stalking many Maus' from behind it's favourite bush. He was a brave tanku, a stronk E 50M named xX_M0rg0tz_PRO_Xx (name changed to protect identity). Little did Morgotz know that there was competition in the surrounding fields, another stray was lurking... Hunting all kinds of panthers & tigers he could find, we'll call him xXx_420_TR4KA1S_PL_xXx (name also changed).


Times were tough in E 50M land, summer had all but finished, the mice, panthers and tigers were dying out, leaving their mutant french and russian cousins - pickings not so tasty and easy to farm. Winter was coming. Selection pressure was taking over and only the best E 50M's would survive, one by one, they died off leaving only traces of their 6/7 skill crews. First was Ew_, then went Killerpit. Who would be next.  xX_M0rg0tz_PRO_Xx wasn't scared, he had 3.7k WN8 and the skill to back up each ounce of his epeen. He saw a glimmer outside of a view port... Could it be? Optics on an E 50M?! He moved closer to inspect, skulking in the bushes, stalking his prey like a unicum using vision control to kill a tomato, cos that's what he was actually doing lol.


Out of the blue 6th sense popped off, what could it possibly be?! It was a trap. Had xXx_420_TR4KA1S_PL_xXx just outsmarted him?! No this couldn't be right, he had higher DPG & that means you're better. Or at least he, like so many others thought. 


BOOM. Something neither of them expected, a wild RNG event appeared & it came in the form of MLG_CL1CK3R_F4G_cGcLYFE_X - a wild conq gun carraige, the biggest burden to any supercum in the game. They both bolted for cover in some ruins, desperate to find a way to kill this brain dead window licking sub-human 43% 52 WN8 bob. Full speed ahead arty shell after arty shell was evaded. 


And then they met.


In the middle of a field, a mexican stand off: 1 clicker, 2 unicums. Instinct took over and they both shot MLG_CL1CK3R_F4G_cGcLYFE_X - justice was served... Little did they know, it was a trap all along. The ugliest sight any player could ever see was about to appear before them, 28 artillery had them circled, like the scene where Dany was almost fucked by the sons of the harpy but Drogon saved the day - except much worse, these were mouth breathing clickers. 40% T92 after M40/M43 after 212a after autoclickers... It was disgusting. They knew they had one choice, there was only one chance to save E 50M land. Slowly they both built up speed, vectors aligned, they were going ram themselves to save themselves from a face worse than death, getting clicked. The ram would prevent the perverse and completely untrue satisfaction the deluded clickers would have if they killed them, "HAHA GO SLEEP UNICRON NUB", "HAHA I R MOAR SKILFUL THAN U BOB", "ARTA TAKESS SK1LL", "XEN IS A FGT". 


So they did. 20... 49. It wasn't enough. 1 hp left between them until the cloudy sky started to part and the God of internet tanks looked down upon them and said: "this isn't world of tanky tanks anymore". They looked down only to see a new E 50M, a baby, unbroken by the cancerous faggotry.

"What shall we call him" xXx_420_TR4KA1S_PL_xXx said to xX_M0rg0tz_PRO_Xx

"Something simple, something memorable..." said xX_M0rg0tz_PRO_Xx. "An E 50M is just a tank lost in the scramble for his own WN8." he continued, "It can be destroyed or break down, but if you make yourself more than just a tank, if you devote yourself to an IDEAL (yh shoutout to muh boys)... And if they can't stop you, you become something else entirely."

"Which is?" xXx_420_TR4KA1S_PL_xXx asked.

"Floris" said xX_M0rg0tz_PRO_Xx. "spelt f i o r i s - he'll need many people to send him personal messages, but if he can harness them, he can save us."


And like that xXx_420_TR4KA1S_PL_xXx, xX_M0rg0tz_PRO_Xx and Floris killed each and every clicker there that day. With their efforts continuing, the war against clicking would one day come to an end, but until that day, they wouldn't rest (okay maybe floris will cus pressing "start streaming" on OBS is too hard for some lads to figure out) until arty was finally removed from the game. 


Winter was over, for the next five years at least, and our heroes farmed to their hearts content, collecting valuable QQ in their tear jars to fuel them for the next winter.


Up next: 

WoT: The Removal of Arta, Vol I. - Garbad Rises.

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Stannis lives.


Literally every Mannis fan expects this:

But instead we get Brienne the Bully.  Even D&D wouldn't diverge so wildly from the truth.  You simply can't 180 from the books and call it an adaptation...unless Stannis does in fact die unexpectedly, soon, and they just reconned it to end this way because potato.  But seriously, you can't just have the Mannis die when its not its so obscenely out there...that it has to be true.  Unworthy fan fiction aside, we all tremble with fear.  I've read every prerelease chapter, every book a dozen times and there isn't even a hint of this abomination...  Things like this give me hope:

“So, you may see some extremely shocking things in the show that come up in the next season or two, but I’m not sure you could consider them ‘spoilers,’ because they’re never gonna to happen in the books. They CAN’T happen in the books, because the show and the books have gone down different roads.” -George R.R. Martin, 24 July 2015

But its one thing to sub out a bit char for sansa for a bit of shock rape.  Its another to have the one true king die when he is supposed to win according to the books.  And that means...

Stannis Baratheon

The King who cared more about his Duty than his Rights; the King who cared more about his People than his Honors.

He will save the realm to win the throne.


And no matter how he is hated, no matter that other men will claim the reward, no matter the cost...he will do his duty.  Unjustly hated as a child killer, he will be the avenger of Ned and the Red wedding, the man who saved the Free Folk, the man who brought food to the north, the man who focused the realm against the true foe.  He will do his duty, and the realm will not care.  But he will do it anyway, and die forgotten.  And that is why he is the True King, now and forever.

Still my Mannis. o7




Victarion Greyjoy, imho.  The Battle of Fire is coming...although oddly, they completely ruined the battle of ice.  Its such a shame, other than stannis/sansa they have done a pretty excellent job in GOT.  Fire might be the same.


Big Vic is a brute, especially post moroquo.  But remember, little pubbies...


Forever the Mannis.

Literally still reading book 1 Q___Q. When do these things get good with content that's not in the show? 

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There are too many bro, but from a quick google search, these are my favourites:





















2530307_1332335989281.85res_441_300.jpg (lol)



We did it Tumblr.



And this entire page when pubbies don't do what I want:

and a bonus: 




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Quick google search u say ? Rip my data BibleThump

-When did ur obsession with tay start ?
-What ya say 'bout the Scottish fellas ? I always like to compare them to what bavarians are for us germans :eww:

U gotta love that accent as a non brit. human being. 

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