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Kenshi (Sandbox/RPG/etc)

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"A free-roaming squad based RPG, focusing on open-ended sandbox gameplay features rather than a linear story. Choose to be a thief, a bandit, a rebel, a warlord or a mercenary. You can be a trader, a doctor, a peacekeeper, a business man, an explorer, or a mere slave... The list goes on, but you've got to stay alive first... "

Oh yea, and did I mention the in game soundtrack is pretty damn awesome?





I stumbled across this game in 2013, having been in alpha for two years already. Two years later, it is STILL in alpha. There's a reason why: as far as I can tell/recall, it is being developed by a single person and he has some ambitious goals for the game. I recently started playing the game again, and once again am becoming hooked.

  • Open world sandbox based in a odd world covered in sand and inhabited by a medieval-esque society of warriors, traders, builders, slavers, bandits, and CANNIBALS!
  • You create a squad to try and carve your place in this desolate and dangerous world, being whatever profession you pursue. 
  • You suck, at least in here you do. You aren't the chosen one, you aren't special. The weakest enemy will wipe the floor with you, steal whatever pathetic weapon you managed to scavenge, and leave you bleeding and unconscious in the desert. That is, until you've been beaten so many times that your skills level up until you MIGHT be able to take on the lowly dust bandit.
  • Recruiting people might help, but they suck just as much as you do (except for the almighty INFINITE WINGWANG). But before you can recruit comrades to get beat up with you, you need to live and find stuff to sell for money (Cats is the name of the in-game currency).
  • There are about a dozen towns scattered throughout the world, and these are safe havens (well, most of them) for your pathetic self to hide from bandits or cannibals. They also have stores to buy supplies, weapons, armor, and people. These towns are owned by different factions, which you can establish a (positive or negative) reputation with. You can even start wars between factions.
  • Build a self sufficient town to call home, make a profit, and protect yourself. Mining, farming, and crafting are very lucrative means to buy anything you can't make yet (you can make anything in the game, BUT you have to be a high enough level, which isn't an easy process.

Sounds great, right? The game isn't as fleshed out yet as projected, but can still be enjoyable. Many features haven't been implemented yet, and very few parts of the game as a whole are "finished". It is, after all still in alpha (an alpha however that is approaching 5 years). As far as I can tell, you cannot become a doctor to survive. Or a peacekeeper, and some of the other "professions". These are planned to be implemented of course, but as of now being an explorer/warrior or trader works fine. You cannot become a slaver as of yet, but if you're not careful you can become a slave (Haven't seen this mechanic much yet but apparently it's in there). Or be kidnapped by cannibals and have individual body parts eaten off (you can lose limbs in this game) until you either escape or die. Your squad can be as massive or as small as you want (up to 50 people which is quite a lot), either way works. Your "main" character is no different than any other person you recruit (as in: no special powers, can die and the game will go on just as normal, etc). There are some animals in the game (both aggressive and passive) but they aren't a huge aspect as of yet. Eventually you can have animals in your squad however. There is no real end goal: survive, level up your characters, raid towns/cannibal camps (you will have to have REALLY strong characters if you want to take on a town). 


Overall, I enjoy the game. It's relaxing, and really enjoyable when you finally can take on a squad of bandits or build a town. The characters don't have much personality as of yet, but I still feel attached to my OG squad (except for Tsau, always fucking getting knocked unconscious then gets her shit stolen). The community loves the game and cares for its development. Creating stories (like fully fleshed out novellas) in which they make their adventures a little more, errr.... colorful. Some personal flare/humor are incorporated into the game, a nice touch which really makes the game feel less lonely. The developer is involved with the community; posting polls about game-play mechanics in which he even directly takes their advice and implements it (he asked the community whether they wanted animals to be player controlled or AI, and he went with the community decision).  It's $20 (steam or http://lofigames.com/ ), as well as a free demo available. If you are afraid of the slow pace the game is being developed: the developer has stated that they are releasing updates every day or so (there is an unstable version available as well with newer gameplay features implemented) and the current focus is to make the game more stable for bigger updates soon to come. If you look up a video online be warned: there are very few recent videos, so the game as it is now will be fairly different (a new UI was recently introduced, etc).

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but thought it was worth throwing out there in case some here may enjoy it (and besides I felt like writing this shit up :P )



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Looks pretty neat... can u recommend anyone for gameplay footage?

Honestly no, nothing that I can say with certainty is of good quality. When I had looked for videos on it a few years ago I found a little bit, but never actually watched anyone. When I recently searched there were very few people who actually played any recent version of the game. I did find one guy who seems to enjoy the game and has played it in the last year or so, having an original lets play and then one where he plays as a trader. Here is another one I found. Besides that any play through can give you an idea. Be warned, the game starts VERY slow, but once your character gets gud you can actually do stuff without insta-death at every corner. Searches on twitch showed no channels or videos with any gameplay, however I might stream it a bit in the next few days so that might give you an idea (will update with a link when/if I do that).

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