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WLTM CW Clan Interested in Teaching Old Dog New Tricks

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CW player looking for CW clan, preferably stable - had far too much clan drama recently.

Happy to play tournaments, strongholds, platooning.  Got most of the tier 10s I'll ever need and enough $$$s to buy the rest so flexible and willing to help others grind.

Solid player, used to CW and large scale battles after years playing EVE (and working for CCP), can even focus fire!  Listener, follower, no calling experience but interested to learn.

Age: 40 (not for much longer)


CW Tonks: Heavies: E5, T57 Heavy, IS7, E100, AMX 50B,

                   Meds: BatChat, Obj 140.

                   TDs: 7x Tier 10s.

                  SPG: T92, BatChat 155 58, Obj 261.

Brit living in Guatemala, ping is around 60, it's generally CST but we don't do daylight savings because the one year they tried it, it caused chaos.

Availability: Most nights.

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