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RIP 62a's turret - hidden turret armour nerf + test results

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Hey guys,

its my repost from wot forums (source).


So basically, after I got way more random penetrations being hull down/face-/side-hugging stuff in my 62a even from E100/IS-7 AP shells and also from medium distance, I was wondering, whether WG fcked up turret armour of 62a for the 2nd time, its not fcked up entirely like zero armour gun mantlet from 0.9.7, but the test confirms my assumption, that it got nerfed in the 1st place, by at least 15-20 overall effectively and if you consider more flat surface and lose of the slopes left/rifght from the gun, its 80-100 armour nerf effectively at some places.


Of course, penetration is influenced by dumb RNG mechanics, it would be better if you could shoot 10+ 62a's turrets in 1 training battle to tell it, but the tests confirms what I assumed to be - a fcking hidden turret armour nerf, RIP.


62a's hidden turret armour nerf test results:

#1 vs 62a: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031545#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a

#2 vs m103: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031547#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a

#4 vs m103: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031550#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a

#5  vs e50: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031551#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a


Results: its weaker, it feels like at least ~20 overall nerf with way more flat surface and less slopes making it 80-100 armour nerf at some places on the lower turret front of 62a left/right of the gun. You could reliably penetrate every flat surface from turret front with 75-80% chance and 258+ pen gun. Farther more, as you can see in 1st 2 replays, you can penetrate 62a's GUN AND MANTLET and in 2nd test mantlet only  with 100% penetration chance with 268 and 258 penetration guns. You think in the first case at least the gun would be damaged and eat the damage before its going through the mantlet like butter? LOL! Nopes!


There are few sites, where you can inspect the actual armour values taken directly from the game files, but I don't have it installed, anyone could post the screens/results from there pls?


Any chance someone got game installed from 0.9.6 version or older to compare it?

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Comparison of the two "weakspot" zones; all of the green is under 270mm. Take note of how the old 62A turret weakspot isn't a full box; near the gun it's very well armored:


I'll let you take that how you will. Now, as for the armoring on the rest of the turret, the new turret is simply better. Most of the old 62a turret is 280-290mm. New turret is 300-320mm. There has been no 62a nerf; in my opinion, both the cheek weakspot and overall armor is better.

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Maybe I've been interpreting to much "lol penetrated wtf" shots from the test and forgot how exactly 62a's turret looked before 0.9.7 (where 1st zero armour mantlet bug was introduced), but from my memory 62a had only 1 small frontal weak spot right of the gun (if you are looking at it).


But most important part IMO is it had less flat surface (esp left of the gun) and more slopes, making it effectively 300+ on the most parts but now it feels like exactly 240 and not more with much weaker mantlet and shots into the gun gun not eating shells any longer but taking module damage AND damaging shot instead.

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Err, sorry, I made a mistake in my image; that's 0.9.5 vs 0.9.9, not 0.9.8 vs 0.9.9.

62a turret has always been pretty weak if you shoot through the gun; the mantlet itself is really strong on both versions, but it's only ~250mm through the gun. Definitely pennable by an E-50M.

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Thanks @Rexxie, pre 0.9.7 was most interesting, since first change + bug in turret's layout was introduced in 0.9.7.


Can anyone confirm my tinfoil hat theory with some more real data and not only few tests + impressions from what I feel?

Look at this image: opxu9l.jpg

Do you see how more slopped turret is there almost without any flat parts left/right of the gun?


And in this image I've found from ~2012, where you see 268 pen guns shall not pen mantlet:


Mantlet is over 300 effective armour, at least if you shoot as in my 1st test right into a gun, it shall absorb the damage by the module and never damage the gun + pen, but how the hell did we penetrated it with 268 ACPR and 258 AP shells somehow reliably?

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Both turretcheeks have a "weakspot" (a small square with less than 270 EFA) though the left zone is slightly bigger and easier to hit, both cheeks also have 2 extremly small zones directly next to the mantlet with less than 250 EFA which are basicly impossible to hit due to their size.

As for the gunmantlet, you can penetrate it rights in the gun if you have enough penetration (214mm flat mantlet + 40mm gun), or if you avoid shooting the gun and go for the ring around the gun just the 214 EFA, though that´s another one-in-a-million-shot. The E-50s have a similare issue in that regard, you have to be pretty desperate (or dumb) to actually aim for these spots tough.

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Might be some sort of model bug?

God knows we get more and more of those with each new patch.

From what I gather the turret should be better.

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