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Hey, Zervziel from the NA here.

Decided now would be a good time to learn how to get better at this game. Been getting through the tiers more on patience than skill and since the one thing I hate in this game, above all else, is getting carried. I hate being carried. Being a lead weight for good players is NOT a good feeling.  A good game for me is when I help out and managed to be a credit to my team in some way or another, killing a dangerous player or holding the line long enough to help.

As it is, more and more recently, as I've climbed the tiers, I've found myself being more of a burden than an asset so I decided to bite the bullet and do whatever is needed to improve.

Also, while I do play mostly to have fun, losing/dying due to stupid stunts on my part is not fun.

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Always nice to see more players looking to improve.

Welcome! You'll find many resources here to draw upon, and don't be afraid to ask (though you should search first) about anything you're not sure on.

Tread lightly in Shenanigans, and have a nice stay. :)

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I recently joined the forums as well and I have founds them to be a jackpot of resources and help, you can find anything about everything related to World of Tanks here. As well as an opportunity to get help from some of the best WoT tankers out there.

Yup. Pretty much why I came here. Realized that going solo was not only getting more deaths than anything else, it is also leading to me developing some bad habits that I need to break.

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Welcome to the forums! We hope you find what your looking for.  Always nice to see another play try to better himself at the game.

Good luck, have fun, die spectacularly!

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