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So I just got back into playing tanksies but don't have a lot of guys willing to platoon with me anymore, and that is something that needs immediate fixing.

My stats are bad, especially recents but i guess thats something one can expect after a long break and loads of arty/tds stock tanks that i've been playing for missions. I still pull purple numbers in my favourite tanks even though I can't into overlord yet but thats not much to brag about since I guess anyone would carry his weight in batchat after 2600 battles

I have basically all the tanks a commander would ever want to field in CW/SHs other than some i've sold and 50b/e100 that im grinding right now. Well, there is arty too but one 261 is enough for me thank you very much! Its not like im very good with arty/tds anyways..

I like to play with people that don't flame pubbies too much and can carry their weigh in tier X too. If your clan consists of such folks and You don't require players to attend CW a fixed number of days a week im Your new token blue shitter.

I like playing CW and SH (even played ESL back in the day) but due to my work/social life i wont be able to play much clanu warsies, so if thats an issue, im not your man.


Obligatory cat pick in spoiler (i hope i got i right!)


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@shifty there is one and im there to be found (the ingame channel) pretty much every time im playing tanks :)

@_exo added you to friendlist, expect toonvites to come your way in the immediate future 

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Didn't you used to be in QSF?

Join the rest of us in LAVA, come say hi on TS, join for platoons and when your recent is up a little stick in an application too :)

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