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Might be a controversial topic, but regarding my script, I'm wondering what stat tracking sites people use, except from WoTLabs.

I'm in the process of updating the links in my script, and I basically want to know what you would use and like.


And if anyone knows of any other sites, please post.

Some info per site and links to Oneechan's and KITTY's sites where possible, otherwise mine, or Straik from RU.

RegionSite NamePlayerClan
ALLClan Toolshttps://clantools.us/servers/eu/players?id=508128215https://clantools.us/servers/eu/clans?id=500004502
ALLWoTstatshttp://wotstats.org/stats/eu/Oneechan/No Support
ALLAge of Strifehttp://www.ageofstrife.com/wot/stats.php?server=eu&name=OneechanNo Support
EUAWAY Statshttp://stats.teamaway.net/player/508128215/http://stats.teamaway.net/clan/500004502/
EU / NAWoT-Lifehttp://en.wot-life.com/eu/player/Oneechan/http://en.wot-life.com/eu/clan/KITTY-500004502/
EU / NAWOT-Numbershttp://wot-numbers.com/player/508128215,Oneechan/http://wot-numbers.com/clans/?c[0]=KITTY
EU / NA / RUTomatobothttp://tomatobot.com/eu/player/505838943http://tomatobot.com/eu/clan/500004502
EU / NA / RU / ASIAKTTChttp://eu.kttc.ru/light/user?name=Oneechanhttp://eu.kttc.ru/clan/500004502/
RUWoTShttp://wots.com.ua/user/stats/navi_straikNo Support

Blame Oneechan if this is posted in the wrong forum.

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There are probably more that I don't know of.

Also, remember that you can vote on multiple sites, and please visit them and vote if you just like it, but doesn't visit.


Would give me a higher amount of votes and will quickly show which sites that I shouldn't add.

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If I knew how to generate the 33 string in the url, I would happily consider it.


So far it looks like this:

EU:   WoTLabs, Noobmeter, Clan Tools, WoTstats, AWAY Stats, WoT-Life
NA:   WoTLabs, Noobmeter, Clan Tools, WoTstats, WoT-CS,     WoT-Life
RU:   WoTLabs, Noobmeter, Clan Tools, WoTstats, KTTC,       WOTS
ASIA: WoTLabs, Noobmeter, Clan Tools, WoTstats, WoT-CS
KR:   WoTLabs, Noobmeter, Clan Tools, WoTstats, WoT-CS


Thanks to everyone that has voted so far, much appreciated.

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Thanks for the votes.

Links on player profiles are updated per player and clan, and I finally got around to add the links on the clanpages;



NA not much different.


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