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Anime Thread 3.1: It's Entertaining Only If You Masturbate

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On 4/3/2017 at 8:45 AM, robosapieo said:

I personally didn't like Youjo Senki that much. It was average, maybe slightly above at best.I did find the show quite entertaining, I just don't think it was good. There was nothing original about it, and it felt like the show focused on the wrong things IMO. It should have been more about the war and the people affected by it and not "hurr durr I don't believe in god (even though he just brought me back from the dead into a world where magic exists and is making impossible shit happen)", and even that was done poorly. I haven't read the source material, but it seems to be far better than the show from what I've heard. I should check it out.

I don't recall another anime of WW1.5 with Loli hitler.

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@An_Arty_Player_Hits_You Oh I got tagged last week and didn't notice :) Been busy with P5/work so yeah...

As for Youjo Senki, it was fine imo, certainly entertaining and fun to watch, but nothing amazing in how it was executed, which is fine.
I was expecting them to rush the end conflict with some god incarnate showing up for a big battle that makes the WWI setting feel stupider than it already is with mages on rockets flying about.
They didn't do that tho, so S2 will be something fun to watch in the near future.


Anyways I figured I should compy paste this here as well:

DONE Naruto
Fucking finally
I can't rate it tho, because my experience was not reflective of the entire show, filler and all
but overall without filler, I quite enjoyed it, a solid story.
With that though, I am done with this universe
The Boruto movie was enuff to serve as the "after story"
Therefore the new TV series can go fuck itself
I'll only consider watching it if I hear rumblings of it being amazeballs
Which I doubt
The reason being the MC, whom I have issue with, and it still being set in Konoha
If a new series was set in a different village and with a completely different cast and set of issues, then I would see some promise, because the world is still interesting after all
Alas I'm not really in the mood for the self-aware "Hey these two people you know fucked and made this kid. Ain't that neat!?" bullshit that is Boruto

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7 minutes ago, lavawing said:

Why the fuck has no one poasted about Kemono Friends? riptaste

_Silen-Last Thursday at 5:56 PM

goes from 4.54 to 7.81(edited)
holy fuck


_Clicker-Yesterday at 2:13 PM

mal rating went from terrible to decent? whoa
oh apparently its full cgi anime



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I felt like getting all the new anime out of the way, and so I watched all the first episodes last night. I was bored so I also wrote small first impressions, boy I haven't done this in a while.
Here they are. Ratings = :nyes: out of 5

Alice to Zouroku:nyes::nyes:
The animation is a bit rough in this one, inconsistancies and such.
-Guy sits down, and you hear the ass pomf waaaay before he visibly sits.
-Car stops, camera snaps into the car, the BG is moving as if the car was still moving(for 2 different camera angles!), but it's really not. The guy even says he stopped the car!
-Mouth not always moving while speaking
-Legs switch up a few times during the walking cycle in the ED
to name a few... sigh
It wasn't bad tho, it had its moments.

Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season:nyes::nyes::nyes::nyes::nyes:
Watched both eps as soon as they came out, I like this anime a lot.

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism:nyes::nyes::nyes:
Battle school comedy, hmm been done to death, but aight amuse me.
One chance is all I'm giving. The moment you lose my interest is an insta-drop. probably

Clockwork Planet:nyes:
Low quality adaptation. I have a feeling I'm gonna get hella triggered by seeing random ass gears all over the place with seemingly no purpose or function, especially when none of them even mesh and spin together as gears are meant to... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
MC is boring, and the OP girl falling out of the sky into the MC's lap is something I get real tired of seeing.
meh I'll give it one more ep. REDEEM THYSELF

Enjoyable, I don't see it being a heavy hitter this season, but a fun watch? Sure.
I'm getting Oreimo vibes from it.
< looks up the author
welp that explains it...

Hinako Note:nyes::nyes::nyes:
Pretty basic SoL anime, with a cute cast that has interesting chemistry.
Not much more to say really. The OST is nice with many soft "dun dun da" noises in it and the OP/ED are catchy.
It's vaguely reminiscent of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? which I watched not long ago.

First ep was pretty dope, this may be a series to keep an eye on. Or it may be the first to crumble from the weight of it's own premise. 
I guess we shall see.

Renai Boukun:nyes::nyes::nyes:
hmm another one that's just a stupid romcom, but it's amusing, so it gets a passing grade thus far.
so long as they don't get stuck in tired cliches and tell the same stupid joke every 10 seconds, this can be enjoyable.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records:nyes::nyes::nyes:
heh, I think this will take a few episodes for the punchline to really hit, I'm interested to see where it goes.

Sakurada Reset:nyes::nyes:

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul:nyes::nyes::nyes::nyes::nyes:
I'm hype, the first Rage of Bahamut was unexpectedly decent, and the animation was pretty high.
That seems to remain true here with the sequel, I'm hype for some more. 
And Nina is cute AF

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2:nyes::nyes::nyes::nyes:
I don't need to write anything for this one, you know what your getting.

and with that the only new animes left to watch are Uchouten Kazoku 2 which airs later today,
and Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho which is tomorrow.

There are shows I didn't list, that probably means I didn't deem them worthy of watching currently.

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2 hours ago, LordSilen said:

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records:nyes::nyes::nyes:
heh, I think this will take a few episodes for the punchline to really hit, I'm interested to see where it goes.


I could type a bad essay about why you should bear with it, but AFAIK there's literally only one reason why anyone would want to watch this:


Edited by lavawing
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I saw Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen earlier today, which finally completes my collection.



My short, spoiler free verdict: If you've already seen the last two movies and liked them, why do you need me to convince you to watch this one? As for anyone that hasn't seen the Monogatari series yet, this is actually a great place to start, because it it's really easy to get into and also happens to be the beginning of the story.

Edit: I'm also going to watch Kimi no na wa tomorrow in theaters. I convinced my mom to watch it with me on her birthday; we'll see if it's really 10/10 material.

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On 4/8/2017 at 3:41 AM, LordSilen said:

@An_Arty_Player_Hits_You Oh I got tagged last week and didn't notice :) Been busy with P5/work so yeah...

As for Youjo Senki, it was fine imo, certainly entertaining and fun to watch, but nothing amazing in how it was executed, which is fine.
I was expecting them to rush the end conflict with some god incarnate showing up for a big battle that makes the WWI setting feel stupider than it already is with mages on rockets flying about.
They didn't do that tho, so S2 will be something fun to watch in the near future.


It's not a WW1 setting.


Dunkirk...etc. is all from WW2.
The rockets are repurposed V1(late WW2).

Russian Revolution and Stalin purge already happened.


So basically, it's a WW1.5 story with magic seamlessly(as much as possible) integrated into the story.  Mage battalion represents a more powerful special forces, which was a thing in WW2.


You can guess what represents nukes.

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Just saw Kimi no na wa.

I don't think it's the perfect anime. Would I refute anyone that claims it was perfect? No. Would I argue with someone that said it was shit? No.

Compared to having just finishing up Kizumonogatari yesterday, it's quite the opposite feeling. I really liked both. Kizu managed to make me feel extremely satisfied, while making me want to rewatch the Monogatari series all over again, Kimi no na wa left a different impression on me. Such that I want to constantly think about it, every scene gnaws at me and I feel a sense of dissatisfaction because I can't stop thinking about it. It made me smile, it made me want to cry, it made me excited, I was invested in it such that I began to want certain things to turn out so that I had to keep watching. I feel like I have much more to say, but I don't feel like putting such effort into finding a way to express it in a half assed way.

tl;dr - Watch Kimi no na wa, go in raw with no expectations, because it could be shit or it could be fucking amazing. Just let if fuck you, and you just might have one of the best orgasms of your life.

o7 fellow Shinkai fan, @KraftLawrence ...

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o7, I watched Kimi no Na Wa in theatres yesterday too.

10/10 Shinkai's best work.


Has officially overthrown 5cm/s as top anime for me. Good old 5cm/s, you lasted 10 years, not bad.


I actually have a Mitsuha key chain that I got from a Gacha machine in Akihabara last week.


I hope Koe no Katachi impresses me as well in May, because I spent 8000 yen buying the key frames to that movie at the KyoAni store in Kyoto.

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On ‎4‎/‎8‎/‎2017 at 8:06 AM, ComradeHX said:

I don't recall another anime of WW1.5 with Loli hitler.

Okay, maybe saying it had "nothing" original was a bit of an exaggeration. The premise was cool, but the characters other than the MC were bland as fuk.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on the shows I've seen so far this season:

  1. Boku no Hero Academia S2: TOURNAMENT ARC HYYYYYPE. I was thinking that there's no way AOT S2 could *not* be my AOTS, but this definitely takes the cake
  2. Attack on Titan S2: I want to wait till all the episodes are out so I can binge them all without having to experience the pain of waiting for a new episode, but I'm afraid I'll get spoiled  :feelsbad:
  3. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: It's actually surprisingly good. Boruto's character is different enough from Naruto that it truly feels like a brand new story. You can see this in the way Boruto talks to people, he's great at socializing and has already made a few friends whereas Naruto was still pretty much by himself at that point. It started off in the same way as Shippuden, where they show a snippet of a future episode and then go back in time. Excited to see how things ended up like they did (Naruto dies?)
  4. Granblue Fantasy the animation: Generic as hell but still quite entertaining. I think I'll watch it to the end.The animation is pretty dank
  5. Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records: I was getting kinda tired of the "Lazy asshole MC and some cute girls" thing after Konosuba and considered dropping it, but boy am I glad I decided to stick with it till the 2nd episode. Turns out the MC is actually a badass and the plot seems interesting
  6. Sakura Quest: A great slice-of-life comedy. Not side-splittingly funny but amazing fun to watch. Reminds me of Flying Witch
  7. Sakurada Reset: It's been boring AF so far. Hopefully things get better after the time jump at the end of ep.2
  8. Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine: Absolutely hilarious show. Loving it so far. It's like the Nanbaka of this season, but funnier.
  9. Re:Creators: Same case as Granblue, Pretty generic, but entertaining nonetheless. It's giving me serious SAO vibes, except the MC is a bitchboi instead of an overpowered game-guru.
  10. Sekaisuru Kado: Looks interesting but the constant switching between 2D and 3D is really pissing me off. You'll have a scene where there are handrawn characters (which look pretty good) and right next to them is the main-character in 3D. It just looks weird
  11. Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?: Not much to say about this one, except that the title is a right pain in the nads. I think I'll stick with it.
  12. Uchouten Kazoku 2: Looks like it's gonna be more of the same, and I hope that remains the case. I absolutely loved the first season.
  13. Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho: White Fox back at it again with the gory stuff while also having some lighthearted moments. Loving the banter between the characters.
  14. Clockwork Planet: Shitty gear porn? No thanks. Dropped. xD

Holy crap I can't believe I'm watching so many shows this season (also have Little Witch Academia). 2017 sure is a great year

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Just realized they changed the voice actor for one of the characters (Hannes) for the 2nd season of AoT. I really hope he doesn't get much screentime, cuz it's gonna annoy the crap out of me from now on

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I previewed the subs for Saekano S2 in order to figure out which one was the best to go with. Full disclosure, I did NOT finish watching the entire first episode with both subs. My intent is to get a preview of which subs to go with, and I don't wish to spoil too much of the show for anyone. The contenders here are FFF, Doki, and HorribleSubs.


Right off the bat, I have to point out that FFF has shit QC. This is no surprise as they almost always make some sort of spelling/grammar mistake in any of the subs I've seen from them.



(sorry about the pause thing showing up)


A few things in general that I've noticed:

  • Utaha comes of as being passive agrressive in the HorribleSubs, while FFF makes her out to be more assertive, and Doki is sort of in between the two; a little more moderate than FFF.
  • HorribleSubs likes to "westernize" the names as the subs will show "Utaha Kasumgaoka" vs. Doki/FFF who both put "Kasumigaoka Utaha"
    • This also applies to honorifics
  • Doki likes to translate sentences more on an invidual level, while FFF/HS will string mutliple sentences together


    • As a consequence of translating a bit more literally, the dialogue in Doki's subs come off of awkward sometimes, which is a major turn off for me
    • examples of this:
  • Doki (left), FFF (right) KloXFhe.pngmFXL3OE.jpgy7MSuhv.jpgHS also said the same thing as FFF in the last one.

Note that Doki also translates some of the written text that is present for clarification, this is present later on as well.

  • Here are the HorribleSubs in comparison:

LnCGliV.pngzgG2SrI.png                                                                 This translation is actually quite confusing (and yes, I am using KissAnime because it's convenient) It could be meant as an insult to insult the character, or as a shortcut way of describing her traits. Either way, the other two subs actually clarified the way in which the character was supposed to look.

Doki and HS avoid subbing the background chatter, while FFF went ahead and subbed it 


Doki (left), FFF (right)uQ5n0pm.jpg HS and Doki did the same thing for this scene so I didn't bother with an HS comparison.

At this point, all that's left is the OP, I'm not going to show much more to avoid potential spoilers and this already gives you guys a decent idea of what to expect.


Doki (left), FFF (right) cDgjULR.pngoEvJBuk.png <--- HorribleSubs


Doki wins in the OP category by far.

It's really more up to your personal preference on Doki or FFF imo. With Doki's rep of leaving shows unfinished, I'm strongly leaning more towards FFF, though I'm not too confident in their translating abilities if past shows are indicative of their quality.

Regardless of which one you choose, you'll still get to see Eriri's wonderful facial expressions and Utaha's sexy legs.



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On 5/2/2017 at 10:13 AM, MagicalFlyingFox said:

Press F to pay respects to nyaa.se


Shame bakabt went private but they gotta do what they gotta do. 

Indeed F Nyaa
Thank god I fully transitioned to using AB, tho I will have to find a new source for music releases...

I have watched a good number of shows since I last posted one of these, but this one I wrote quite a bit so I might as well post the compilation here if anyone cares to read.

I watched an early 90's anime called Oniisama e... these are merely my thoughts and reactions, I didn't post any major plot spoilers.

Next free watch will be: Oniisama e...
schoolgirl drama intensifies

TFW you start a show and are introduced to the cast. Among them are the obvious romantic interests, and I cant be sure on their gender till they speak...

In most shows she would be a guy with that figure

That's the oldest fucking sabotage trick in the book
If you get a printed invitation for an important event NEVER trust a random phone call saying the time changed!!!!
Especially when you made enemies due to that invitation.
Fucking hate it when that shit is taken seriously
I just want to drop-kick the cowards whom try to pull that shit

< watching Oniisama e...
TL;DR : I want to drop-kick some of these cowardly little shits
That's good tho
It wouldn't be schoolgirl drama if I didn't feel that way

Another thing, the facial animation is weird
Its really good
But weird
idk why, it's like it's too well animated or stretches into a cartoonish expression
I'll make a gif of it when I get home
scratch that a webm
cuz easier
in the mean time:

pray do tell, how does one get to London from the Soviet Union?
said in engrish
then says that both of those places have "problems"
alright, checks out
I think I figured it out
it's the mouth shadows!
watch the close up facial animation during this skit
just feels weird

_Clicker - 04/27/2017



_Silen - 04/27/2017
yeh, it looks right, but off at the same time!
_Clicker - 04/27/2017
_Silen - 04/27/2017
one more to add
dis wink

oh she realized


Shit is getting scary
Like date rape turned murder type scary
That's not what happened, but close

Some of these girls are unhinged
To say the least
Or I should say
Not a show I thought i would see a probable death flag...
Blood will be spilled at the very least.

The school bell in Oniisama e is so creepily happy sounding for such a dark anime
that jingle haunts the happenings at this school, every episode
creating a weird contrast that makes everything feel all the more off-putting
reminds me of the happy jingles of the Bioshock vending machines

<Oniisama e
It's rather fascinating to see MC-chan slowly become corrupted by this school.
She still acts rather innocent
But she is becoming interested in undesirable activities, and doesn't shy away from lying like she might have before

And this show's animation is so goddamn gorgeous, and extremely well animated
Even I cannot find fault in it, the last anime with as good animation as this was LoGH (besides that dip in the middle)
The main cast even have many different outfits. MC-chan especially, she has a weekly rotation of clothes.
Kinda like the Haruhi hair tie rotation before Kyon pointed his dick in her direction

That was some cigarette rape right there
MC-chan is gonna become a delinquent at this rate


I've been loving Oniisama e...'s detailed watercolor shots
u kno the kind, where it still frames that shot as a watercolor and pans out
the art here is quite impressive compared to most
tho this is not even close to being one of the best, not even top 20
but it's cute
because someone said to their very talented artist, "hey color this"

This OP tho
The word "utsuwa" is stuck in my head hardcore...
They censored that...
I'm not gonna post a screenshot because spoils
They censored a love bite on the ear
With a "God Spotlight" (like god rays but a spot)
Even after all the fucked up shit in this show, they censor a little bite on the ear
I wonder if it's because it's yuri

Fucking snap-off knives
That clicking noise is terrifying

huh you never see these restaurants in anime
the revolving restaurants

had a very dramatic scene all while the BG cityscape was slowly crawling by
the fact that this scene was put in that particular resturant, was a nice touch of added symbolism
why the hell is this show not rated higher on MAL?!

My god
I have never seen an anime with so many suicide attempts.
By multiple different people too
These girls are just broken from depression...
also touching on this again
I typically find the still frame pan out shots lazy, but with this show they look damn nice, so I enjoy them

Dem watercolors~~

Fuck, I didn't see that coming........
I saw it coming like 15 episodes ago, but I didn't think it would happen anymore.

DONE Oniisama e...
wew that was far better than I was expecting
A tale of all the darker colors of life, lovingly animated and conveyed with strong imagery
I found myself drawn in, and caring quite a bit for these characters
I was quite close to tears toward the end
but as much as I loved the story and art, the critic within me must be fair
animations were reused, within acceptable ranges imo, but still it was noticeable for some scenes
musically it's nothing to write home about, the soundtrack simply gets the job done, no more no less
As well as the suicidal tendency's of the students, as depressed, cornered, and even abused as  these girls are, I don't think humans would attempt suicide so easily. Granted Japan has been fraught with suicides for decades...
due to those points I have to drop the rating from what I wanted to give it
so 8/10 is where I'm feeling, perhaps slightly lower
regardless of those issues I loved this anime, and I hope it's story sticks with me for years to come.

And with that I hope someone whom may have passed over this anime in the past could perhaps reconsider based off the experiences that I have posted here. I feel it was a worthy investment.

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