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JoJoJacKy________hi's Stream of Tanking It Easy /// Synrgy

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Nihao ˙͜ >˙/

I'm JoJoJacKy and I play for Synrgy in WGLNA Gold League.

So I have decided to start streaming regularly at least 4 times a week. My goal in WoT at the moment is to reach 90% recent win rate in Tier 10s, and try to get the 3rd MoE on all my 10s. I will be playing pubs and sometimes will stream tournaments or Clan Wars. My stream will feature many of the top TRUE unicums in platoons such as JackQueRudo, Merkle_PRO, _Shrew, _KT, KancolleBanzai...etc.


This will be a salt free zone, and occasionally feature notable shenanigans such as when MM is screwy,




or when I sell tanks that are terrible:



Anyways my I will streaming mostly in the mornings/early afternoons and sometimes in the evening, at least 4 times a week.


              >>>>>>>>   http://www.twitch.tv/jojackington <<<<<<<<


> Mondays-Thursdays

        9AM-12PM~ (PST)



˙͜ >˙7


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are you actually gonna keep streaming this time or randomly stop in like a week like the last time? :(

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10/10 would watch while playing with eating popsicles 

EMERGENCY EDIT:::::::::::::::::



wtf 4/10 

*puts popsicle back in freezer*

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