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The WoWS Replay Dump Thread

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As in the title, dump your best replays here.

Here's how to enable them: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/19170-enabling-wows-replays/

Here's a drop of my battleship games from the last week. I don't think I had any potatoes but these aren't cherry picked so some will be stronger than others:



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So a friend of mine is grinding a new line and is currently in T5. I've thought about rebuying Furutaka since they basically transformed it into an Aoba and I absolutely adore and love Aoba, thus I went into what was pretty much the first game in Furutaka since CBT.





Well, I got a new T5-beloved and all that despite getting torped by my own team's Faragut and our CV being afk...

Replay can be found here.

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