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Upcoming Giveaway + FCL Episode

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Hello tankers!


Today,I'm bringing you another episode of the FUNNY CHAT LOGS series.

Common burns,a Hummel that thinks he's Batman and...even more burns :teethhappy:


As for the giveaway,I don't have a lot of details yet.All I know,is that I am going to give a 10€ PaySafeCard Code ,which you will be able to use anyway you want :medal:,this week.

No,I'm not giving away only 1 code.I have 2 codes.One of them,will get to one of you this week(3-9.08.2015),and the other one,will have an owner the following week(10-16.05.2015).This giveaway signifies my apprecation for you guys,and for your support ! :) I know I don't have a lot of subs,but for me,800 is insane.I can't imagine having 1,000 subs:)

Btw,I know I initially said I would give something else as a prize,but I think this is the best way.I'll give a code,and you can get whatever you want.

More details will come this week within a video,which I'll post here.


Nevertheless,I hope you enjoy this video !





Feel free to subscribe if you like it.It will help me reach my 1,000 goal.(837/1000)


** If you enjoyed my crap,make sure to check out my WEBSITE. **


P.S I'd like to hear your feedback !


thx for your time ! :medal:


Btw,I created another thread,because I had to let you know about the giveaway :)


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