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[RDDT7] EU is recruiting active members for strongholds and clan wars

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Who we are:


[RDDT7] is the main strongholds clan among the reddit clans on the EU server primarily focusing on daily skirmishes along with attacks on other strongholds. Are currently shifting some of our attention over to T6 clan wars on the new global map and are looking for active players willing to take part in our nightly events.


Clan page: http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500050680/


Clan statistics: http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/RDDT7


We offer:

  • Daily skirmishes in the evening
  • Battle payments for increased credit income
  • Gold payouts for participating in clan war 2.0 battles
  • Teamspeak server
  • Active and friendly player base
  • Community night every month with fun events and rewards
  • Being part of the EU reddit World of Tanks community


Strongholds schedule:


Stronghold Attacks:

  • during weekdays: 8pm - 12pm CEST
  • during weekends: Early morning attacks for fun, attendance is not mandatory



  • We organize T6 skirmishes every evening, sometimes with multiple detachments.


Requirements for joining:

  • Must be active and participate in clan battles and skirmishes
  • Overall WN8 of 1000, 51% WR and/or recent WN8 of 1650, 53% WR
  • 3000 battles
  • TS3 + microphone
  • Slack presence


Required Tanks


  • You must have at least one of the crucial tier 6 and 8 tanks and work towards getting the other ones




  • Cromwell
  • T37




  • IS-3
  • T32
  • T54 ltwt.



  • AMX 50 100
  • AMX 13 90
  • Pershing


How to apply:

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GL on recruiting. You may call me for SH if you need one at a certain point :)

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Thanks for the offer :)

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join us, we have dank memes

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o7 RDDT (outdated)

those are some really nice maymays o7 have some karma from me

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