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Wallet warrior vigilante outs himself

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Hue... this is why WG needs to put neg votes back in.


After nearly 600 battles, I was very surprised to run into this.   This player intentionally torpedoed and killed his teammate who had an Ishizuchi.  The chat log went like this:


Block Quote

frumpylumps: wallet warrior detected
frumpylumps: deploying justice
*teammate killed by teamkiller*
frumpylumps: wallet warrior down
frumpylumps: die in a fire, lamer gamer
me: wow...sending in this replay
me: enjoy your ban
frumpylumps: lol, idiots
frumpylumps: you obviously aren't familiar with wargaming
frumpylumps: eat crapand die, wallet warrior lamer gamers
frumpylumps: this is the price of being irresponsible with your money
frumpylumps: and buying power
frumpylumps: you wallet warriors are the cancer of video games
frumpylumps: buying in-game exclusives
frumpylumps: to kill wallet warriors
frumpylumps: i play for fun


When another player pointed out that not all premium ships had necessarily been acquired with money (e.g. Arkansas), he said, "well, that isn't on my list of wallet warrior tanks[sic]...so you are safe".  Then someone pointed out that some doubloons and premium ships may have been acquired with giveaway keys; he said, "ill play the odds".


So this player has taken it into his hands to dispense "justice" by teamkilling "wallet warriors" with premium ships.  He currently has 223 PvP battles on his record.  I wonder if he will get banned...


Edit: And, yes, I did submit a support ticket with the replay and screenshots.

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also going by the nick N Carter on youtube
Nick Carter's really let himself go since leaving Backstreet Boys.


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also going by the nick N Carter on youtube

woa, i was arguing with the shitlord then


also wow@thatvid "I actually really like the Murmansk XD" 

what a fucking shitlord

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So, essentially this one guy has managed to troll an entire community and we are sort of letting him?  I think it would be refreshing to actually know why some tard TK'd me.  Its usually a complete mystery when I get double tapped in the back.

"Oh, you killed me because I'm driving a premium tank?  OK, sorry for having a job I guess."

lulz, quit feeding him - you know he is lurking and stroking his epeen while reading this.

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He was on my team in a game. I was in my Myogi. Everyone wan't to know why he was pink. He made up some false story. I said leave him alone. If he starts killing someone I will terminate him with extreme prejudice. He griefed a cruiser near me and the guy ignored him. He then played ok, but yolo'd and helped us win. He is a dick, but when people called him on it, and ignored him he did not like it.

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