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LF CWs 2.0 clam, 71%, 2700 recent

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I dont know when CWs 2.0 is turning up but Im kinda miffed that I missed out on the 907 as was on a break from the game when it showed up so would like to get myself organised for the next campaign reward tank (cue it being a tank I dont want) with a clan thats likely to win reward tanks, though Im happy to be carried I like to think that I am able to contribute.
So this is the part where I sell myself right? Well Im salty, crabby and a big crybaby, I lack the inclination to statpad wn8 and though I like to do damage my personal meta is winning games. Im adept at being carried by genuinely good players and I have a penchant for crap tanks. I have the uncanny ability of hindsight and turn into the worlds greatest tanker once Im dead. I have an affliction where I cant shut up but thats ok as I come with a delightful and soothing British accent.....
Im a pro derp sniper
Hate cancer
The holder of the worlds greatest Chi Nu Kai match (who doesnt need someone who can do this in a shitty Chi Nu Kai....)
A pro kill stealer, check the low damage.
Have an aversion for low flying tanks
Drive a customized beetle (theres a tenuous link to tanks in there somewhere...)
and myself and the wife are certifiable crazy cat people with 17 of the monsters pooping, vomiting and sitting in front of my screen (we extensively help out a local shelter to the extent where petco gives us a hefty discount...) This is Blinky and Phoebe, Blinky the black one is half blind and has cerebellar hypoplasia sits at the back door punching any cat that goes in or out on the head, shes awesome and I like to think her awesomeness rubs off on me by proxy.....at least I hope its awesomeness she rubs off on me.......
That seems to have covered all the information that no one needs so I guess hit me up, platoon, carry me, add me to your blacklist yadda yadda.....
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Lol jag! Awesome post!

Will be sending you invites like I use to... Just that this time will be with recruiting intentions (like it always was) :P lol 

Good luck! Hopes to see you in Y0L0 soon! 

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Can confirm soothing british accent.  Doesn't offer me tea on the hour while platooning, however.

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Hey clearly belongs in a PetCo clan.


Foxey is recruiting yo.

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Jag, I have a few recommendations. You could try for VILIN, they do an eval process so you may get in. ESPRT would also probably take you... if you wanted to be in a dads hideout clan. FOXEY would be my last one, they for the most part seem like good guys and do well in CW (Not top 10, but well enough).

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. FOXEY would be my last one, they for the most part seem like good guys and do well in CW (Not top 10, but well enough).

We are ok, I guess.

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You know it, we got it, you want it

You can find it, at the market, we talkin bout clan market. Relic Gaming. It's just like, it's just like, Disney-land. 

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MAHOU is recruiting :3

Got everyone the IS-5 who wanted one and witnessed Eural rise to #1_Fame_Points_NA! 83VPteIV9.jpg

That is amazing. needs more 215b though.


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gIVE THE 37th Tank Battalion a gander. I am looking for XVM green, blue and purple players. Age 18 and up. TS3 a must. 37th is an old clan that is in a rebuilding phase. Looking for good active players such as yourself. We offer no drama and a relaxed atmosphere. I occasionally buy my loyal players tier 8 premium tanks as well. We are at 34 members now but I am recruiting daily. Thanks and good luck. 


37th teamspeak info ts56.light-speed.com:7008  pw 1234

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