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Hey fellow LABers!

I'd like to take a moment to reintroduce myself and let you know a little bit about my streams for Operation Supply Drop this weekend.

I'm Tragicloss, I've been part of the WoT community for a couple of years now and I often work/play closely along side our beloved Wargaming overlords. As many of you know, Operation Supply drop is a charity in which WG raises money for to support our Veterans and deployed troops. I've been offered a chance to stream for you tankers and give you some nice prizes for being active in chat.

Wargaming has given us streamers 4x 500 gold codes and 1x tank code for any tank under tier VI for every hour we stream to give away to our viewers.

I've also decided to give our Xbox 360/1 players an option to win as well. I'll be giving away two tier VIII tanks. The two tanks in question are the Freedom tank (T26E4 Super Pershing) and the Liberté (FCM 50 t). These will be given out during BOTH OF MY STREAMS.

I will be streaming at the following times: Friday, August 7th at 4pm-5pm PST (following the Xbox stream) and Saturday, August 8th 4am-6am PST.

For more information about OSD refer to the following link: http://ftg.operationsupplydrop.org/2015/08/05/operation-supply-drop-world-of-tanks-community-event/

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me here in the thread.

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The pink elephant is talking.  That means the drinks are working.  Or is it the drugs?  Either way, something is working.

If you've been drinking LSD laced absinthe it's definitely that.

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Do I need to have a twitch account in order to claim my reward? How will the prices be given away?
Also, are you just streaming 3 hours in total? Is the charity restricting how much you can play?

Yes you need a twitch account. You must be active in the chat. 

I get to decide how the prizes are given out. I will be doing a few random raffles as well as a few contests.

I am only streaming 3 hours. The whole event however is 36 hours total, we have many streamers.

The charty isn't restrictions play time, we just have many streamers and everyone is playing from1-4 hours.

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