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Bug: "Team is in queue or in search results"

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Just a little heads-up.  Don't know if any of you have encountered this before, but if you didn't, now you know :)

When you are playing Strongholds (which we like to do at the end of an evening, just to have some fun and grind some credits and resources), do NOT press "Battle" and within a second or two press "Exit Battle" because someone yells: 'STOP I need to change ammo lay-out' or whatever.

If you do, the game will be in "limbo" for anyone in the team.
You can't exit the SH yourself, you can't get kicked by the leader, the leader can't dismiss the team, ...  And don't even bother trying to restart the client since everything is kept server-side, this has no influence at all.
Whenever you try to do any of this, you will get the message  "Team is in queue or in search results" as you can see in the print screen.

Contact support department and wait 2 days ...

Just a quick FYI ... :)

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