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Hello, Disabled Tanker Here and Proud

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Hello I'm a longer term player with over 8000 games and a wr8 of 50.08% so am slightly above average and for me its a challenge I have more than on disability including my hands so I can't usually out reflex or out think ahead to much over other players. However by watching videos on YouTube and Dogged Determination have my tricks the main ones learning the maps, learning mechanics and various tactics to try to compensate with mixed results. And my computer is okay I get a FPS now up from 12FPS to 30FPS on my new laptop. But I have one good point and I always try my best to support the team and win not quitting I've leaned hard you don't win at all if you think your team will fail and even I can have a great game. My favorite tanks are by Tier: Tier 1 Loltractor, Tier 2 H35, Tier 3 PZ1C, Tier 4 Matilda, Tier 5 Excelsior, Tier 6 Cromwell B, Tier VII AT 15A and Tier VIII T-34-3. I enjoy lower tier vehicles my higher tier ones will be premiums because I don't like the grind and also don't care if I chase levels I'm more a social friendly pub gamer but try to be as good as I can. I'm here to hopefully hook up with other disabled players to share stories and tactics and who knows get better although with my rating and games in my average number is not likely to get much better or worse.

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Keweii is deaf and one of the best players on NA, so disability isn't a barrier to tanking well! Good luck with your journey. 

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as someone who deals with a 7 year old potato there are some ways to improve fps

-turn everything off, the obvious option, it makes your game hideous but it becomes possible to aim (3d render on 50%, all settings on min)

-fog removal mod, fog, for whatever reason takes up quite a bit and I have found it provides a nice boost

-if your computer is really really struggling there are texture mods that will lower the texture amount even further

-autoaim plus doesn't improve fps but being able to autoaim without a direct click is immensely useful

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If you can use your legs, a possibly long term investment into gaming/using a computer is the stinkyboard by stelulu (I say long term because it is $100). It allows you to use your feet/legs as another source of input, or could replace a source of input. It is basically a large d-pad that goes on the ground and connect via usb (you would want to double check if you have enough ports on your laptop).



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