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Looking for T5 Platoon

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I am a fairly new player to WoT (created my account about 4-5 days ago) and I have reached the M4 Sherman in the M48 Patton line. I am on the SEA server. 

I've read a lot of guides and have watched a lot of reviews and guides, to better understand the core of this game, but of course there are things I still need to learn, like prioritising, decision making, and general medium play. At the moment, I would say I'm comfortable with my skills with the M4 Sherman, crew skill selection, consumable and module selection - and I understand the "medium" lines on various maps where I can make the most of my tank, and I have learnt the basic pros and cons with the M4 Sherman. I'm also in the habit of reviewing my replays when I die, and watching other people play the same tank as I do. 

I'm looking for good players to platoon with, preferably people happy to play T5 mediums (American beneficial) to show me some things that perhaps the average player might not know, and to help me progress in becoming a better WoT player, because quite frankly, not surviving a battle sucks. 




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