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Well Jingles, tell me please, how do you play a T-62A?  :-P


All kidding aside, Jingles, How much are you looking forward to the Chieftain and Action X?

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How many WOT replays do you look at from your emails? Which ones catch your eye? Why?

in relevance to this subject have you seen my replay? I was in the ever so glorious KV1 and racked up 10 kills on wide park before being killed by arty. :D have a great day/night

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Hi Jingles

Since I started watching your videos back in 2012, I was finally able to get past my nerves and start up a Youtube Channel of my own. I've been going for 3 of years now (bloody hell how time flies by) and I want to make better quality videos for my subscribers to enjoy. My main questions are:

1. When you record on your microphone, what's your technique to be able to sync up your voice to the video so easily?

2. How do you keep fresh video ideas coming even if you're not enjoying the particular game that you are playing?

3. Finally, How did you get to know other youtubers? Did you simply meet up with them through friends or did you organize a time and date prior to the video? 

Thank you Very much for reading this in advance. :) 



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1.Tell us about The might Boo, when/how/why did you gain such a loyal companion/minion and how is he getting along with Rita's cats in the house now?

2. are there any tank reviews that you (in hindsight) feel could do with a re do? 

3. Do you have any 'bugbear' tanks? ie tanks that you hate fighting for one reason or another, always seem to ruin your games when they're on the enemy team, inexplicably bounce shots ect

4. What are your thoughts on the upcoming German ships for WoWs, especially the fact that the Gamescom trailer revealed that some German battleships (ie the Tirpitz) will have Torpedos, how do you think this will change the game?

5.What in your opinion are the best aspects and worst aspects (or things that need fixing the most) in WoWS?

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Hi Jingles. 

Theres currently something of a caliber gap in WoWs, which has lead to some interesting debates about implementing 12" armed Battlecruisers and Large Cruisers (i.e. Alaska Class) as they dont seem to fit well as BBs due to the smaller caliber and (generally) poorer armor, but seem somewhat OP as Cruisers. What are your thoughts on the matter? 

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Jingles, do you do anything else, not related to tanks, warships and warplanes?

and how does your usual 1-week schedule look like?( if it is too personal, don't answer)

why haven't we seen a family from your side?(same, if too personal, don't answer)

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Jingles, first let me say how much I admire you for your silky, eargasm inducing voice and commitment to keeping tank nerds like me entertained since good old 2012.

My question to you is.

If you had the opportunity to go back 3 years, would you do anything differently when it comes to your work?

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What is the effect of your popularity in random battles? Pros and cons? I can imagine assholes team-killing you for no reason. You know.

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ohai jingles,

what are your thoughts with the way that Armored Warfare is progressing?

do you think that the addition of PvE and other factors has fixed a lot of the problems associated with WOT?

and finally do you miss life at sea?

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Hello Jingles! I am a very big fan, and it is because of you that I started playing Wargames. Thank you for the time and care you put into your content. 


Now the Question. Have you ever thought about streaming on your own? Give your fans an option to division with you while on stream. I know you have issues with being the first thing people like to shot at, but being in a division could help with that. 

Hi, and you're welcome!  I'm never going to stream on my own, sorry.  I'm just not good enough at World of Tanks and I rage too much at idiot plays (both my own and my teams') to be entertaining, although there are certainly enough people who would tune in just to watch me rage, but I wouldn't enjoy it. I'm good enough to stream World of Warships, but then I run into the issue that I had with WoWs back when I was piggy-backing on other people's streams - people use the streams to target me and while you can deal with that in WOT by using cover and being good, there's not really anywhere to hide in WoWs when a Cleveland and both the enemy carriers are chasing you across the map and willing to die and/or lose every aircraft they have just get some hits on you.

Plus, I just don't have the time required to stream regularly for hours at a time.  Doing these videos takes up most of my day.  Sorry.

What is your opinion on server merging without consent from the player base. For example, the SEA server, we had VN merge over with us. Also, what do you think should be changed (If anything) about the current matchmaking. 

I think the current matchmaking is fine.  I remember the days when you used to fight with a +3 MM spread, and it was even higher than that for most Heavies.  There was no limit on the number of Arty in a match either, I could show you some screenshots of teamlists that would make you cry.  I would recommend that players with less than 1000 battles don't get the current +2MM spread that everyone else gets at tier 4, however.  Running into a T-150 or SU-100 in a stock Pz38na is as much fun as having teeth pulled without anaesthetic, and you learn about as much from it.

Hi Jingles, 

how does your usual day looks like? How has it changed since Rita lives with you?

Wake up.  Stumble out of bed.  Sit in front of the computer for fifteen minutes.  Remember to turn the computer on.  Stare at the monitor for another fifteen minutes.  Remember to wash.  Sit in front of the computer again.  Start to read emails.  Start to wake up.  Drink lots of coffee.  Begin checking replays...   It's pretty much the same with Rita living here except now I have to make twice as much coffee.

First of all, thank you for accepting my 62A replay. That kind of brings me to my question. You say you get a lot of replays, so, how much time do you spend a day looking over replays that have been sent in? 

I try to spend at least three hours every day looking at replays.  Not all of them are nearly as good as the people who sent them in think they are, and some of the ones that are good are just not entertaining to watch.  Artillery replays, for example, regardless of the score or damage done are just not exciting unless the player does something crazy, usually in shotgun mode.  Tank destroyer replays can be like this too.  Thanks for sending your replay in, by the way, the derp teamkill from the T49 actually made me laugh out loud.

Jingles, since you were in the Navy I'm gonna have to bother you with related stuff. :retard:
Best local dish you ever ate?
Best foreign cuisine?
Have you considered adding a beardcam to your videos?

What is your favorite arty line? :kjugh:


Do you like our smileys? :disco:

PS: Thanks for doing this. Thank you for your Youtube. You made me improve by realizing how this game rewards knowledge. Wouldn't be here today without you :party:

1.  A chicken curry at the Seamans' Mission at Jebel Ali. My first and best curry.  It took four pints of lager to kill it.

2.  The Greeks and Turks might not do the most varied cuisine but you know you're going to enjoy just about everything on their menus even if you don't know what it's going to be.

3.  Favourite arty line?  The one with Bert the Avenger in it, obviously!

4.  They disturb me and arouse me at the same time.

Hi Jingles,
Do you have any advice for starting out content creators? For youtube content etc... 

Be yourself.  People can tell when you're faking it, and do whatever it is you're best at.  Not everyone's great at driving tanks but they can talk a good fight.  A lot like someone not a million miles away from here...

Hello Jingles!

How often do you rage when playing WOT, what are the main reasons for it, and do you usually press on playing on losing streaks? 

For me, I rage on average once every ~500 battles, usually due to losing streaks (caused by teammates throwing the game and/or arty oneshots), and I usually press on despite telling myself again and again I shouldn't have :P

All.  The. Time.  It's difficult not to rage when your top tier tanks are either AFK or camping behind the Tank Destroyers, you're losing 12-2 and you're the only one who's killed anything while propping up a flank alone and your team are calling you a noob for not following the lemming train.  This is one of the major reasons why I don't stream, because I'd start chewing my keyboard if I had to press on for another three hours in those sort of circumstances.  No, when the game starts telling me "Take a break, noob", I take a break.

Hi Jingles,

I know you won't and/or can't give specific information regarding this, but just in general terms, is your YT income enough to live off? If not, how do you make a living?


Combined with my Navy pension (which isn't bad after 22 years service) the income from YouTube was enough for me to make YouTube my full-time job relatively early on.  And it IS full time.  I work harder now than I ever did when I wasn't "retired".

Do you like matches with more than 1 arty/team :doge: ?

How do you feel about arty in general ?

What`s your opinion of the main forum :eww:  ?

I don't mind them now that there's a limit on the number of arty involved, it just gives you something else to consider while playing.  I had a tier 10 game waaay back with 12 artillery on each team and while I was in an E-100.  You can guess how much fun that was, even for the artillery players.  I think that in general artillery is just not where it should be.  You either do far too little damage or far too much, it's so reliant on RNG that I just don't understand how even artillery players can enjoy it.  Get yourself in the perfect position, line up the perfect shot on a huge cluster of enemy tanks and your shot either misses, bounces, does nothing but blow off their tracks, does minimal damage or one-shots someone.  It's needs to do more to reward good play and that means scale down the damage and scale up the accuracy.

Hi Jinges, how could you help anybody who gets really angry because of world of tanks, you know, all the rage, insulting etc. 

Stop playing.  Stop doing anything that makes you angry.  Failing that, look at why it's making you angry and do something about it.  Are you getting angry because you never seem to do any damage and you always seem to be the first one killed?  You can do something about that, and you're in the right place here to find out how.

Do you still play Elite Dangerous?  (Thanks for putting that on my radar!  I love picking it up from time to time when Ships and Tanks get's boring)

I plan on visiting the Essex carrier Yorkstown sometime soon.  While I know you don't play carriers, would you like some pictures for a possible future episode focusing on the Essex?

And finally - a thank you for doing what you do.  It's not often I get to see somebody in my age group playing games on Youtube.  Makes me feel a little less crazy. :)



I don't play it as much as I'd like, I'm just too busy with work and Elite is one of those games that you can't just play for half an hour.  It's an astonishingly good game, however, and the next time I take a "holiday" I'll probably spend a few days playing it.  Pictures from the Essex would be great, and you're welcome.  I'm crap so you don't have to be!

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Greetings, Mighty Jingles!

This may be a bit early, but I just wanted to know, is the Bovington Tankfest always on the last weekend of June? 

Since you are involved in the restoration project, and I know that you like going to Tankfest, would it be possible for my friend and me to lend a hand for a few hours (just painting, cleaning or whatever)? I mean, will you be doing it during the Tankfest 2016?

This may be an unusual question, but we don't live in the UK and we are planning on going to the Tankfest 2016, so we'd like to help at least a bit :)

your humble follower :D

P.S. have you played Heroes & Generals?

P.P.S. please don't send me to the mines for this 

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How important do you think team planning is in Strongholds or Clan Wars / big team games? 

Do you ever pre-plan your tactics before going into the game, and how does that work - do you use maptactic or something like that- or just chat in teamspeak before the game starts?

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Jingles(paul!)!!! Thanks for replying to my email about coming here for an AMA! Now, this is VERY important for the younger guys here for a good and solid answer

1) The best beer is found in what country?

2) The most beautiful and friendly girls are found in what country?

3) What country has the best combination of both?

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When doing a video whats the workload split, say the WOT review vids, how long of it is playing/building raw material and how much is editing?

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Hello Jiggy,nice to have you here!

What youtubers do you watch and follow that are not WoT,WT etc related?

And what do you think about tank academies?

All best!

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You came into chat (wotlabs) chat once, didn't say hi. You left us. And made us sad you should totally come in and say something. 


How do you feel about "significantly less than average" players being insulted/raged at because of their plays? (And I'm talking E100s that go on hill)

Do you think Artillery is a balanced game mechanic? And if not, would removing it increase the amount of fun all players in WoT have?


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Muh Führer Jingles,

1. WG has said in the past that they want to implement the sturmtiger some how but they dont know  how... Many Eastereggs about it have arose and i want to know how you think they will put it in the game.:gaben:

2. My very first map i played on was Mines in a lol traktor, what was yours? :tank:

3. Will you make videos of the 3805 restoration?:kjugh:

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Hello Jingles, wonderful to see you!

Ha! It looks like my cunning morning people plan worked!

1. What do you think are the central factors keeping your average effort person from improving at WoT these days and how can those factors be mitigated?

2. Since you spend quite a bit in the "backstage" of many glorious museums, what seems to be the best route for working in AFV restoration projects and/or turning that into a profession? It's become one of those ideas that just won't go away. 

3. Speaking of which, what is the best museum exhibit you've ever toured?

4. What is your favorite junkfood? This is not for bribery purposes at all, I really am just asking...casually. :trollface: 


Thank you very much for joining us. I hope you have a lovely morning, afternoon, evening...whatever it is! :biglaugh:


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Hi Jingles! :D


Who prepares your breakfast? Or do you prefer buying it?


Is it weird that I read your posts in your voice?

- Jingles, I understand you had literally Thousands of Replays send to you each day,

but I wonder how much replays do you choose to watch AND among them how many of them you would put it on Youtube?

- Hence, Any tips for letting our own replays got notice by Senpai Jingles?

Well it's not quite that many but it's not far off.  Anyway, how to make your email stand out from the crowd...  Don't just send the replay in, upload it to somewhere like http://wotreplays.com/ and send me the link so I can at least get an idea of what I'm looking at without having to load up WOT.  Give it a title, if your email is called "WOT replay" and the one next to it is called "10k dmg and Ace Tanker in M3 Lee", guess which one I'm going to look at.  Try to give at least a brief description in the text of the email to give me some idea of what it is that makes your replay special.  And most importantly, make sure the replay you send in does include something interesting or exciting or funny to watch.

1. Have you ever consider re-comment one of your first WoT videos? To be more specific I mean comment your own original commentary (something like review of Jingles sound pack). I think that would be interesting and funny for you to take a look at your YT-WoT origins.  

2. I've noticed that recently you use few songs and themes in videos. Are you somehow limited by copy rights or something alse?

3. What's your opinion on present Royal Navy? Do you think it's still the main European navy?

4. Coffee or tea and why tea?

5. How's your voice? It must be exhausting to talk several hours per day.

1.  Yes, I occasionally go back and watch some of my earlier videos and while some of them stand up to the test of time, a lot of them are just embarrassingly bad.  I mean so bad I just cringe while watching them.  I'm not going to mess around with them, though.  They're who I was back then, also I'm too lazy/busy to re-record them.  What I do plan on doing, however, is to revisit some of my earlier tank reviews because the game has changed so much since I originally did them.

2.  I have to pay as much respect to copyright law as anyone else.

3.  Almost certainly the best European Navy, yes.  Tom Clancy once said in a TV interview when asked why he seemed to like the Royal Navy so much that while it was true that the Royal Navy didn't always have the best ships, aircraft or equipment that money could buy they always seemed to equal the performance of the US Navy, particularly with regards to the Submarine Service.  He said that he could only put this down to the quality and training or our personnel, and while I'd have to take issue with him regarding the quality of some of our personnel I can't argue with his comments about the training.

4.  Coffee!  Because coffee!

5.  Never actually had a problem with it.  Good question, though, you'd think I would end up with a sore throat the amount I rabbit on all day, but nope.

#1: Have you ever uploaded any content from the Russian server? (Decent games played, Mingles background, etc.) If not, will you ever do such a deluxe first?

#2: Thoughts on the new German premium ships?

#3: If somebody paid you an enormous amount of money, would you admit that the Chaffee is cuter than the Luchs?

1.  I might have, I'm not actually sure.  I suppose the names of the players would be a bit of a giveaway, but I don't usually notice which server a given match is played on unless it's obvious from watching the game.  NA server matches are a dead giveaway, there's usually a lot of trash talking going on.

2. They blow up really nicely when someone who actually knows what they're doing in an Atago shoots at them.

3.  NEVER!  Well... how much?

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H Jingles,

Assuming a time period where WoT, War Thunder, WoWS, AW etc are all dying games already and there are no other similar games, what would you plan to do? Abandon the Youtube channel and find something else to do outside of Youtube? Or will you make a transition to another genre of games and continue doing vids for a living?

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Since the subject of dishes was touched, here's not really a question, more of a comment: I remember in a pretty old Mingles with Jingles you talked about the time you came to Brazil and went to a steakhouse, and they just kept bringing on the meat. As someone from southern Brazil with a restaurant like that pretty much everywhere, it was really awesome hearing your experience with it!

That said, I remember you said you're going to Manhattan for your vacation, so if you wanna repeat the awesome experience of a southern brazilian churrascaria, look for a restaurant called Fogo de Chão in New York!

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