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Hello Jingles! How are you? 

Why the name Jingles? I know it is named after your WoW character but where did his name originate from? 

Also do you live on your own or with a friend or a special lady friend? 


Also I was wondering if you had had a chance to properly look at the picture of you made out of words that I gave to you at TankFest? 



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IF i can then here is one more question ...

I love your videos but I always wonder - Would you prefer to do youtube or real life videos ( Ex. real tank review [for example at bovington] or wot tank review)?

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 Artillery replays, for example, regardless of the score or damage done are just not exciting unless the player does something crazy, usually in shotgun mode.  Tank destroyer replays can be like this too.  



First off, thanks for doing this... I don't know if you remember but last year sometime I piped up in your thread on the NA forums and asked you if you knew about our community and if you'd considered joining it, in your mingles video following that you mentioned someone had asked you about joining here and you gave a reply about how your name being mentioned here would cause all kinds of shitstorms. Unfortunately this resulted in a pretty rough couple of days for myself and the rest of the team due to an influx of fans coming here on the notion that they could cause some issues by posting your name everywhere and expecting a response! :facepalm: I dun fucked up then...

On to a question, did you know WoTLabs is the birthplace and maintenance area for the WN8 formula?

Now with regards to what you said about arty... The best videos about arty are the ones that ridicule it, I decided to test out some arty on the test server last year and produced this gem.


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Hello Jingles! I just want to say thanks for making such entertaining videos. They are a joy to watch.

1. What was your first car?

2. What goes best with bacon?

3. What video editing software do you use to create your Youtube videos?

And thanks for your service. Have a great day m8.

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Hey Jingles.  Have you thought about doing a couple more educational videos?  Almost all of your videos are now entertainment only.  I realize you're no Zeven (do you watch him often?), but your early videos about spotting and armor (How not to suck) were very helpful early on when I was learning.  People often complain about, or ask about how we could improve, the general player skill base.  I think one way would be for someone as popular as you to emphasize some of the basics in the a few videos.  Re-emphasizing the mechanics, how to use a minimap (the +/- keys), why camping usually is a bad idea, etc.  Tell Quicky to do the same (like he does with his own replays) and suddenly hundreds of thousands of people have been exposed to some of the basic elements of game play.

Or just link more often to Zeven. :)

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Hi Jingles 


I have a million questions for you but I'll save us time by only asking two ;) :


1 -  Are you ever going to come visit us folks in South Africa again?

2 - Why in all the videos I have seen of you and Quickybaby playing in Type 59's do you never type in chat : "Battlemaster tank Reporting!" ?


Thank you

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Good Afternoon Jingles, first of giving my thanks to all of your content.

A couple of questions

1: On the topic of your Museum Trips, is there any museum you would want to go to but can't (Too far away, can't get in due to visa restrictions or the like or other reasons). 

2:Now that looking at replays and creating content is a full time job for yourself, have you found less enjoyment from just going into games and playing for entertainment value?

3: Have you ever been tempted to just start a new WoT/WoWs account so that you can play without getting targeted and/or singled out for being Jingles?

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Jingles, I play WOT PC recreational, but I play WOT Xbox more. In WOT Xbox, we currently have three dual nationality tanks: T-34-88 (German/Russian), AMX Chaffee (French/USA), and the MTLS-1G14 (USA/UK). Do you see anything like this coming to PC? If they do, would they allow mix crews or only one nationality?

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Hi Jingles,

I want to ask have you ever planned to get marry? And what you think of Hong Kong? I was born and raised in this former British colony and would like to know how foreigners especially British think about it.

I supported your channel for 2 years and thank you for teaching me a lot of valuable history, I sincerely hope that you can carry on and let more people to be interested in this topic.

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You didn't even answer my question :'(

Do you watch any other anime besides GuP?


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Jingeru, what are your thoughts on the Upcoming Czechoslovakian and Japanese heavy tank tank lines, and will you play them?

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I'd like to thank you first off for your M3 Lee replay contest. It was myself and another NA player that tied for 3rd I think it was. Was my first taste of popularity in this game; got many an o7 after that video. I'd also like to thank you for featuring me in another video, but this time for being dickhead.actually forced me to tone down my rage a bit, and I started being much more constructive after that. I still engage in the occasional shit talking, but nothing abusive anymore. Also started my wotlabs career at that time. I'm also the Marine that sent you some of the first pictures of tanks when you started your facebook page, if you remember back then.

My question: While in the Royal Navy, did you ever have the chance to work with US Marines, and if so, what was your experience with and opinion of us?

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Hi Jingles <3

So my question ... well I actually have a few of them ... do you watch any NA streamers?

Who is your favorite streamer?

What is your favorite game?

CS:GO casual players or World of Tanks pubbies?

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Awww yeeee, Jingles is here.

Since you have figurines stuffs, when and why you collected them? Perhaps the question has been asked and answered in the past but digging all the way back would be... tiring. I can see uses from things like shirts, hats, but things like figurines are there just for decorations, is there any other reason for the purchase? Also, in one of the vid of your project mancave there's one where you bought 3 figures in random and one of them ends up from the FSN series, which you note to be the best one of the tree and then sparked a rather interesting comment like this

He financially supports FSN? Fuck him, AMA cancelled. 

Now, will you buy more? because that would be perfect.

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1. What made you choose the navy over other branches of service?

2. What was your occupation in the navy?

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Hello Jingles, since you are doing this Ill give you a few questions that I've had in my mind for a while

1.If you could get any tank you want in world of tanks for free, what would it be?

2.How would you describe your relation ship with RitaGamer? ;)

3.What countries apart from Japan do you want to visit?

4.Do you like kittens?

5.What is the craziest thing happened to you in the navy? How about when you were not in the navy?

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Hi Jingles! :D


Who prepares your breakfast? Or do you prefer buying it?


Is it weird that I read your posts in your voice?

Any breakfast that doesn't involve my having to do anything more difficult than point at something and mumble "That please" is a good breakfast.  And no it's not weird.  I get that a lot.

Well Jingles, tell me please, how do you play a T-62A?  :-P


All kidding aside, Jingles, How much are you looking forward to the Chieftain and Action X?

Like this!


And I'm VERY much looking forward to the Chieftain and Action X.  Wargaming better not screw them up!

Since I started watching your videos back in 2012, I was finally able to get past my nerves and start up a Youtube Channel of my own. I've been going for 3 of years now (bloody hell how time flies by) and I want to make better quality videos for my subscribers to enjoy. My main questions are:

1. When you record on your microphone, what's your technique to be able to sync up your voice to the video so easily?

2. How do you keep fresh video ideas coming even if you're not enjoying the particular game that you are playing?

3. Finally, How did you get to know other youtubers? Did you simply meet up with them through friends or did you organize a time and date prior to the video? 

Thank you Very much for reading this in advance. :) 



1.  Secret Gnomish magic.  I can tell you more but I'd have to kill you.  Well alright, it's just video editing software.  Secret Gnomish video editing software. (Cyberlink Power Director)

2.  Secret Gnomish magic again.  I really don't know, sometimes I'm just sitting around in my pants and an idea pops into my head.  "Wouldn't it be funny if..."  You can get a lot of ideas from other YouTube videos, though.  The "Why You Heff To Be Mad?" videos are just shameless rip-offs of the RNG series, for example.  Except, of course, mine are better.  :P

1.Tell us about The might Boo, when/how/why did you gain such a loyal companion/minion and how is he getting along with Rita's cats in the house now?

2. are there any tank reviews that you (in hindsight) feel could do with a re do? 

3. Do you have any 'bugbear' tanks? ie tanks that you hate fighting for one reason or another, always seem to ruin your games when they're on the enemy team, inexplicably bounce shots ect

4. What are your thoughts on the upcoming German ships for WoWs, especially the fact that the Gamescom trailer revealed that some German battleships (ie the Tirpitz) will have Torpedos, how do you think this will change the game?

5.What in your opinion are the best aspects and worst aspects (or things that need fixing the most) in WoWS?

1.  Boo actually belonged to an idiot friend who thought he'd look good as a fashion accessory.  Sure enough she got bored with him after a few weeks when she realised he actually needed stuff like feeding and exercising and attention and so I ended up taking care of him.  He's absolutely terrified of Ritas' cats.  He's a lover, not a fighter.

2.  Just about every one more than a year old, WoT has changed so much since most of them were done.

3.  The VK4502(P) Ausf. B.  If there's one of those things in front of me I just generally tend to go somewhere else.  The number of APCR shots that I've managed to bounce of that things' lower glacis is just silly.

4.  I'm looking forward to them, especially with regards to your next question.

5.  Battleships badly need some love.  I can deal with the HE spam that has you constantly on fire, I can deal with the inaccuracy of their main batteries at extreme ranges but when you've got a Cleveland at 4km and every shot you fire from your guns misses and you know that by the time you reload he's going to have reduced you to 10% health and there's no guarantee your next salvo is going to hit... well...  something needs to be done.

Hi Jingles. 

Theres currently something of a caliber gap in WoWs, which has lead to some interesting debates about implementing 12" armed Battlecruisers and Large Cruisers (i.e. Alaska Class) as they dont seem to fit well as BBs due to the smaller caliber and (generally) poorer armor, but seem somewhat OP as Cruisers. What are your thoughts on the matter? 

Yeah, I agree.  Currently cruisers don't have anything higher than 8" guns and battleships start with 12" guns, which leaves the various different Naval 9", 10" and 11" guns mysteriously absent.  So where do ships like, for example, the Scharnhorst sit?  She had 11" guns, which were fairly standard German Naval guns at the time, but does that make her a cruiser or a battleship?  Technically she was a battleship (depending on who you ask), but who's going to want to captain a battleship that has less powerful guns than the tier 3 USS South Carolina?  

Perhaps the solution is to introduce a new battlecruiser line in each tech tree?  Or perhaps that's going to be the signature of the German BB line - less powerful guns but more accurate and faster firing?

Jingles, do you do anything else, not related to tanks, warships and warplanes?

and how does your usual 1-week schedule look like?( if it is too personal, don't answer)

why haven't we seen a family from your side?(same, if too personal, don't answer)

1.  I have a few guilty pleasures that aren't tank, ship or plane related.  World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars the Old Republic.  Really looking forward to Guild Wars: Heart of Thorns.

2.  From week to week my schedule doesn't vary much.  Monday to Friday, get up, check emails, watch replays, make videos.  Saturday go out and do stuff, visit museums, eat out, watch a movie.  Sunday sit around all day until I finally start doing Mingles with Jingles.  Or sit around answering questions on WOTLabs until I finally start doing Mingles with Jingles.  Actually this weeks' Mingles with Jingles is going to be easy, I can see a lot of cutting and pasting from here in my immediate future.

Jingles, first let me say how much I admire you for your silky, eargasm inducing voice and commitment to keeping tank nerds like me entertained since good old 2012.

My question to you is.

If you had the opportunity to go back 3 years, would you do anything differently when it comes to your work?

Yeah, I probably wouldn't be so quick to be an arrogant, judgemental asshat in my videos when half the time it was me at fault and not my team.  But as I said earlier, I'm not going to go back and remaster earlier videos because a) I'm too lazy b) that's who I was back then, no point in trying to hide it and c) Who wants to watch content from WoT patch 7.2 these days?

What is the effect of your popularity in random battles? Pros and cons? I can imagine assholes team-killing you for no reason. You know.

I actually can't remember the last time I got teamkilled even by accident.  The biggest issues are people on my team fangirling so hard they forget to do things like fight.  And of course, all of that unwanted extra attention from the enemy team, but it's not as much of a problem as you may have been lead to believe.

ohai jingles,

what are your thoughts with the way that Armored Warfare is progressing?

do you think that the addition of PvE and other factors has fixed a lot of the problems associated with WOT?

and finally do you miss life at sea?

I really like the way Armored Warfare is progressing and even if you don't plan on playing it, you should like the way it's progressing too because Wargaming are watching it VERY carefully and will be making changes to WoT once they've seen what works in AW and what doesn't.  It's a win/win situation for us.

Sweet Jesus... Jingles's keyboard is going to be fucked after today... so many questions to answer.

I have three spares!

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Okay, first questions: I used to work as a news photographer in a television station. You do very well with your narration, which is not always an easy thing to master.  Did you take a while to get it down, or did it just come fairly naturally?  Your videos can be fairly long, so I assume you don't get the whole thing down in one take.  The video portion itself you don't seem to edit a lot, except of course going from garage stuff to a replay.  Do you spend much time editing bits of voice-over, or are you really managing to get the whole garage bit done in one long take after all?  If so, I'm impressed!

Also: I've had a habit of enjoying supposedly "bad" tanks or tanks that were not considered the flavor of the month.  I came to enjoy the Lee (my first Tier 4) before I sold it.  I wanted a T29 and when I played the T1 and M6, I had expected them to be total stinkers...but they ended up being my favorites in their tiers.  What tanks have you played expecting it to be crap and it turned out to be a real gem?

Finally: I post enough on the official forums (yes, I know: sad) to occasionally get the random shout-out from strangers in matches.  That's the extent of my internet fame.  If I'm in a Wright Flyer getting 12 feet off the ground, you're currently in Low Earth Orbit; how often has this actually been an annoyance in matches?  How often do people TK you just so they can brag they "bagged" Jingles?  Do you ever have a teammate that badgers you with questions during a match so that you're just thinking Oh God just shut up and play?  Are you constantly getting barraged with in-game PMs or PMs on the official forums?

Thanks for making consistently entertaining videos, by the way.  You easily have the most pleasant delivery out there, and that's worth a lot.

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3.  NEVER!  Well... how much?

Hey, this would be a good question for the viewers on MIngles with Jingles. "How much would I need to be paid in order to call the Chaffee a cuter tank?"

Let's say, $1,000. Would you consider it? :)

And one question I forgot - how much does Rita appreciate you hijacking her streams?

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Q #1:Hey Jingles there is sopposed to be a "Girls und Panzer" movie coming out in November, given the shows popularity in the WoT community. Do you think Wargaming will do some sort of event for it (like for "Fury")?

Q#2: What gave you the idea to start your 3 most famous series on Youtube (Mingles with Jingles, Why you Heff to be Mad?, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.)?

Q#3: How did you start becoming a Wargaming community contributor? How have you enjoyed your time as a community contributor?

Q#4: Do you see Clan Wars being merged in all three Wargaming titles (WoT, WoWp, WoWs)? Do you think the popularty of theWargaming trio is in part do to people like you, Quickybaby, and Circon, or do you think there are other factors?

Q#5: Do you have any tips to help increase your WN8 rating for your fans?

Sorry for reposting but I really want to see your opinions on this and you skipped me (don't blame yah though, there are a lot of questions here).

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Hey Jingles! I remember the first video I watched from you! The reason I subbed to you! I had recently gotten War Thunder and I searched it in YT and found a brand new release a British Mustang gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZF7XmiC7u8. (The rage :D)

Its been around 2 years now and tbh, with the recent (and not so recent) changes in WT (Reduced spotting, reduced rewards, OP bombers becoming EXP pinatas, various bugs) my interest has been waneing, yet I dont want to leave it. With 1450 hrs logged in the game and jets in each nation I have invested too much. So my question is, how do you keep yourself interested in the game, what do you do that is fun? 

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Thanks for answering Jingles, got a few more for you based on some Gamescom news via Status report (say thanks to Rita for me, she does some excellent work)

1. WG are talking about submarines for WoWs again, have your views changed on the sinky boats or are you still convinced they shouldn't be in the game?

2. What are your thoughts on the Czechoslovak tanks? 


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