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Have you seen people trying to argue with others, even super unicums about a certain tank being good or bad and use you as their source to prove it? Does this annoy you a bit? I find whenever someone tries to tell me a tank is bad and they're not particularly good themself, I've had them pull out your personal opinion from a video and dare me to argue with it. While I'm not trying to say your opinion is wrong, I just wondered what you thought of that or if you even know about that sort of thing.



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Hello Jingles !

French guy here, so I'll begin with one question : Do you ever plan to visit the Carroussel de Saumur ? Home of the Saumur tank musem, the carroussel shows both the horsemens of the Army, and some of the restaured tanks from the museum.

Also, did you ever finally managed to handle the ELC AMX or does this little bugger still evades you ? 

Anf finally, Bert The Avenger. Were you the first one to name it that way or is there a story behind the name ?

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Only four pages so far! I expected a LOT more by now. I guess the mods are working their asses off to remove inappropriate stuff. 

I'm on my fourth ass. :disco:

In all seriousness, the conduct has been stellar by all the participants thus far and only one potential question has had to be removed for being inappropriate (And as far as inappropriate goes, it was on the milder side). The only questions being dropped are people who are trying to "bump" their older questions or questions that have been asked already.

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Are there any tanks for which you have an irrational affection?

In which tanks, whether you LIKE them or not, have you had your greatest successes?

I am sorely tempted by Elite: Dangerous.  You said it was great- what makes it so great?

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IF i can then here is one more question ...

I love your videos but I always wonder - Would you prefer to do youtube or real life videos ( Ex. real tank review [for example at bovington] or wot tank review)?

Doing YouTube replay videos is easier but going to museums is more fun.

Hello Jingles! I just want to say thanks for making such entertaining videos. They are a joy to watch.

1. What was your first car?

2. What goes best with bacon?

3. What video editing software do you use to create your Youtube videos?

And thanks for your service. Have a great day m8.

1.  I have never owned a car.  I don't even have a driving license,  Yeah, I know.  I suck.

2.  More bacon!

3.  Cyberlink Power Director, because it's was cheap, simple to use and had pretty powerful features.  Now if it would just stop crashing all the time...

Hey Jingles.  Have you thought about doing a couple more educational videos?  Almost all of your videos are now entertainment only.  I realize you're no Zeven (do you watch him often?), but your early videos about spotting and armor (How not to suck) were very helpful early on when I was learning.  People often complain about, or ask about how we could improve, the general player skill base.  I think one way would be for someone as popular as you to emphasize some of the basics in the a few videos.  Re-emphasizing the mechanics, how to use a minimap (the +/- keys), why camping usually is a bad idea, etc.  Tell Quicky to do the same (like he does with his own replays) and suddenly hundreds of thousands of people have been exposed to some of the basic elements of game play.

Or just link more often to Zeven. :)

I do sometimes find myself watching a game and thinking "That would be a perfect example for explaining game mechanic x to an audience" and them promptly forgetting about it.  I really need a minion to sit behind me taking notes all day while I'm watching replays.  And making coffee.  And bringing me sandwiches.  Hmm..  I wonder if Rita's busy?

Hi Jingles 


I have a million questions for you but I'll save us time by only asking two ;) :


1 -  Are you ever going to come visit us folks in South Africa again?

2 - Why in all the videos I have seen of you and Quickybaby playing in Type 59's do you never type in chat : "Battlemaster tank Reporting!" ?


Thank you

1.  I'd like to but it's a long, expensive trip and for some bizarre reason most of the people I knew there now live in Australia or Portugal!  It's nice to see Neil Blomkamp doing well and exposing the world to a bit of South African culture, I just wish he'd spared us the experience of "Chappie" though.  :P

2.  Because we both completely lack all imagination.

Good Afternoon Jingles, first of giving my thanks to all of your content.

A couple of questions

1: On the topic of your Museum Trips, is there any museum you would want to go to but can't (Too far away, can't get in due to visa restrictions or the like or other reasons). 

2:Now that looking at replays and creating content is a full time job for yourself, have you found less enjoyment from just going into games and playing for entertainment value?

3: Have you ever been tempted to just start a new WoT/WoWs account so that you can play without getting targeted and/or singled out for being Jingles?

Kubinka in Moscow.  It has some amazing vehicles but it's not really a museum as much as an active military base so what you can do there is heavily restricted.  They're moving all the exhibits to another location however, combining and centralising exhibits from most of the Moscow museums into one place, so you never know...

Hi Jingles,

I want to ask have you ever planned to get marry? And what you think of Hong Kong? I was born and raised in this former British colony and would like to know how foreigners especially British think about it.

I supported your channel for 2 years and thank you for teaching me a lot of valuable history, I sincerely hope that you can carry on and let more people to be interested in this topic.

1.  I've managed to successfully avoid getting married for 45 years and I see no reason to break my winning streak now!

2.  I always regretted not being able to visit Hong Kong with the Navy while it was still ours, and I'd love to get the chance to see the birth place of Chow Yun Fat and John Woo for myself.  I'd probably enjoy it a lot more than mainland China itself, and it would be significantly easier to visit.  One of my best friends in the Navy was actually Hong Kong Chinese, an Electronic Warfare Petty Officer named William Pitt.  He was from Happy Valley, his family had a thing for naming their eldest sons after British Prime Ministers.

You didn't even answer my question :'(

Do you watch any other anime besides GuP?


Cowboy BeBop, Fate/Stay Night and just started trying out Sword Art Online.  That's pretty much it.  Oh I like the new Appleseed movies too.  I'm not really an anime fan as much as I like certain of the designs and art direction.  Oh God, K-On!  Yes, I loved K-On.  No, I'm not proud of it.

Jingeru, what are your thoughts on the Upcoming Czechoslovakian and Japanese heavy tank tank lines, and will you play them?

The Czech tanks I don't know much about, but I do know that the Czechs had one of the biggest and best armament industries both before, during and after WWII.  The Japanese heavies....  I just look at those big, flat armour angles and think "Lunch!"

I'd like to thank you first off for your M3 Lee replay contest. It was myself and another NA player that tied for 3rd I think it was. Was my first taste of popularity in this game; got many an o7 after that video. I'd also like to thank you for featuring me in another video, but this time for being dickhead.actually forced me to tone down my rage a bit, and I started being much more constructive after that. I still engage in the occasional shit talking, but nothing abusive anymore. Also started my wotlabs career at that time. I'm also the Marine that sent you some of the first pictures of tanks when you started your facebook page, if you remember back then.

My question: While in the Royal Navy, did you ever have the chance to work with US Marines, and if so, what was your experience with and opinion of us?

While on HMS Southampton we had the honour of embarking a US Marine boarding party from the US Naval Base at Rota in Spain to conduct anti-terrorist ops in the Mediterranean.  Good bunch of guys, even if they couldn't hold their beer.  ;)  They did win the ships' Tug of War contest though.  Pretty easily!

Hi Jingles <3

So my question ... well I actually have a few of them ... do you watch any NA streamers?

Who is your favorite streamer?

What is your favorite game?

CS:GO casual players or World of Tanks pubbies?

1.  I rarely watch WoT streams, although I do from time to time lurk in Fiaura the Tank Girls' livestream.  http://www.twitch.tv/fiaurathetankgirl

2.  RitaGamer of course!  http://www.twitch.tv/ritagamer2

3.  The Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChucks' Revenge.  Best.  Game.  Ever.

1. What made you choose the navy over other branches of service?

2. What was your occupation in the navy?

1.  I liked the idea of going to war and having a roof over my head with air conditioning and never being more than 200 metres from a laundry, while still actually being in a military service (so that naturally ruled out the Air Force).

2.  I was initially a Radio Operator but found it as interesting as watching paint dry (but it was still a better love story than Twilight) and then transferred branch to what was called the Writer branch.  Now you might think that being a Pay Clerk would be less interesting than standing on the bridge wings operating a signal lamp or tuning HF Radio Sets, but there's a lot to be said for sitting in a comfortable chair all day working on a computer and getting a good nights' sleep every night when other people are sweating in engine rooms or getting up to do a six hour shift in the Ops Room at 2am in the morning.

Hello Jingles, since you are doing this Ill give you a few questions that I've had in my mind for a while

1.If you could get any tank you want in world of tanks for free, what would it be?

2.How would you describe your relation ship with RitaGamer? ;)

3.What countries apart from Japan do you want to visit?

4.Do you like kittens?

5.What is the craziest thing happened to you in the navy? How about when you were not in the navy?

1.  The TOG.  If YouTube stops working out I'd always have somewhere to live.

2.  I wouldn't.  There are plenty of little gossip-mongerers out there who are all too happy to describe it for me.  ;)

3.  Australia and New Zealand are top of the list.  Don't feel as if I'm leaving your country out, but the chances are I've probably already been there. ;)

4.  Kittens are just cats you haven't learned to distrust yet.

5.  The craziest thing isn't something that actually happened to me, but I'll tell you about it anyway.  Be warned, what you are about to hear is definitely NOT safe for work.

On my first visit to the United Arab Emirates in HMS Brazen we were docked in Jebel Ali just outside of Dubai.  One of our young Radar Plotters, we'll call him Dave, had gotten himself a little too drunk at one of the hotel bars in Dubai, so we stuck him in a taxi and sent him back to the ship.  Being very, very drunk he fell asleep in the taxi on the way back.  Young Dave woke up to find himself in a stationary taxi parked in a darkened corner of a car park in Jebel Ali dockyard with the taxi drivers' lips firmly planted around Daves' love tackle, sucking away as if he was a drowning man and Daves' love truncheon was an oxygen hose.

The taxi driver, unsurprisingly, didn't get a tip.  He did get a back eye, though.

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Jingles, I`ve been doing Youtube videos for WoT for some time, but I don`t get almost any views.
How often should I upload videos and maybe some tips?
English is my secondary language, I speak it well, but not great :P

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Is it any good? I thought about checking it out on Netflix.

It depends, and as difficult as it is to say this because I'm, ultimately in the artistic sense very much in favor of storytelling quality above all else. apprehensive about saying "Go ahead" or anything loosely resembling approval because you have to turn your brain off to watch it, and if you do that, I suppose it's okay. If you don't, you risk premature death and hair loss at having your intelligence insulted. - Solono

Ill keep that in mind then, thanks.

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Hello Jingles and Welcome to your new Mingles With Jingles Question Farm :doge:

Based on your 20+ years of naval experience, how many :upboat: do you think you can aquire in this topic?

What is the the most hilarious experience you had in the navy?

What's the worst ass-kicking you've gotten from your superiors on a ship?

What is the best prank you've pulled while in service?

Have you ever taken Boo on a boat or ship?

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Jingles what was your business in Yugoslavia 20ish years ago? Balkan comunity is quite large, i'm sure most of us would like to know


Do you have any other secret accounts in wot/wows that no one knows about? (for peaceful game)

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Hi Jingles 


Thank you for your reply I am also moving to Australia at the end of the year so yeah true story, though I agree with you on "Chappie" it was lame XD.

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You should invite Rita onto the forum, Jingles. Just for shits and giggles. :disco:


Orbiting planet Earth there is a dark, silent, lurking ship...In it, a dark chamber guarded by chain armored cats cracks, the sound echoes trough the ship, its the time of awakening! Another caste of cats, the sacerdotal, dressed in the finest silk and adorned by jewelry enters the chamber in perfect synchronization. They light up the room and in its center there is an Tortoise Tank cocoon, the sacerdotal cats frenetically start enchanting ancient meows... an hydraulic sound is heard and the Tortoise hatches become open!  Inside, lays a small bionically engineered human girl, built to absorb warfare, sci-fi and gaming culture data from the earthlings. Nothing happens for a moment....Suddenly her eyes become wide open! *SHRIEEEKKKKKkkk!!!*

Ok... I may have add a tad too much of caffeine today. Hello! :$

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Orbiting planet Earth there is a dark, silent, lurking ship...Inside, a dark chamber guarded by chain armored cats cracks, the sound echoes trough the ship, its the time of awakening! Another caste of cats, the sacerdotal, dressed in the finest silk and adorned by jewelry enters the chamber in perfect synchronization. They light up the room and in its center there is an Tortoise Tank cocoon, the sacerdotal cats frenetically start enchanting ancient meows... an hydraulic sound is heard and the Tortoise hatches become open!  Inside, lays a small bionically engineered human girl, built to absorb warfare, sci-fi and gaming culture data from the earthlings. Nothing happens for a moment....Suddenly her eyes become wide open! *SHRIEEEKKKKKkkk!!!*

Ok... I may have add a tad too much of caffeine today. Hello! :$

Oy, you wanna be cheeky m8? Face me in honorable lirpa combat.


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Thought I would chime in here; out of all games you have played, is there a moment in time where you have had your most fun?

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1. What are your favourite premiums to play personally? I already know the tog is there..... unfortunately

2. If you were forced to retrofit a tank into a home, which tank would you choose and why

3. Pepsi or Coca-Cola

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Half of us here aren't even from  WOT Labs :P


1)Jingles, several Mingles of jingles vids back where you talking about your training for joining the Royal Navy. Can you give some tips to people how to survive basic training in the Royal Navy?

2)How powerful is Queen Elizabeth II?

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Did you know that your Wikipedia page has been removed and if so do you know why? :)

Also If you ever do visit New Zealand, I highly recommend going around the south island in a campervan. (Not as stylish as a Tog but owh well ;) )

Literally one of the best ways you could spend a month :)

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Hi Jingles hope you are having a good time :)

1. How do you think War Thunder's ship section will be and do you think it will be more fun than WoW?

2.Why are't you making any WoT LOL videos like you did in the past?

3.What is the place on the entire Earth that you want to visit even if it costs a fortune to do it?

4.What plans you have for 500K subs or is it too early?

5.Do you think you've accomplished your goal in life and if not, what do you think it might be?

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A good idea of Rita being involved with the festivities fully while not derailing the thread would be to go into the chat. Where only the most daring try to venture. :retard: 

Edited by Solono
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     1: Jingles I wanted to know your thoughts on sponsored product reviews? To elaborate To date there have been 2 sponsored reviews where they shipped you their product for you to make a video about it and neither of these videos were as popular as the normal WOWS WOT or WT videos. What is your rational behind accepting sponsored deals and How do you plan to deal with them in the future? (Ps I think you Should be trying to be sponsored by WarGaming or some Gaming Company or Developer. Because being an employee will give you all sorts of bonuses and many company's would accept the publicity they would get from your 400k subs as long as you can avoid them requiring you to say things you don't mean and keep it a one man show.)

     2: Now that world of tanks Esports is becoming popular on a larger scale than before namely WGLNA/EU/RU and the player base has a large amount of players wishing to be involved how do you plan (as a content creator and as your specific circumstances) to deal with the new interest in competitive play?

     3: I have been subscribed for awhile (since about 50k subs) and I never once heard you say that you where anything over a slightly average player. How do you react to the criticism your now receiving as a minor internet celebrity?

     4: What plans do you have to keep current and expand your growing community as you have (and I hate to call them this but its true,) quite a sizable amount of competition now as a YouTuber in your category.

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