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On 8/9/2015, 9:59:51, Desert_Wobbuffet said:


Q#5: Do you have any tips to help increase your WN8 rating for your fans?

That irony when you're on the most helpful site in WoT.

Here's a quote from @Starfflame.


No offense to those who have posted before me, but at this level, watching unicums play is likely only going to frustrate you, without providing you much benefit, because:

A. You don't know what the unicum is thinking as they are playing.

B. You do not understand why a unicum does what they do. If you did, you'd be a much better player than you are now.

C. Passively watching OTHERS play the game isn't going to tell you what YOUR mistakes are.

How do I know this? I've watched some of @Luna 's streams and replays, and I can tell you that I learn NOTHING from doing that. It's pure entertainment value only at us shitters' level.

WN8 for all intents and purposes is a "how much damage did ya do?" metric. I know there's other, smaller factors at play into the calculation of said metric, but the largest part of it by far is damage.

Learn basic game mechanics. Use the best crew that you can. Use equipment. Use Repair Kit, Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit for your consumables. Shoot gold only when you need to. Learn maps. Learn the role of your tank.

Watch your OWN replays. See if you can spot your mistakes. If you don't have the tactical know-how yet to assess a replay well (like me!), there are plenty of unica who are willing to help you if you ask.

I had very similar stats as yours when I started here a month ago. With careful study of game mechanics, map terrain and experience fighting the tanks I go up against, I've raised my WN8 by 500 points in one month by going through the forums here and asking the good players here, "Why does everyone go north on El Halluf? Why can't I pen the Super Pershing? Spall liner or gun rammer on KT (spoiler: gun rammer)?"

Mix some reading, looking up hard-to-pen tanks on http://www.tanks.gg/ and plain old experience and you will become a much better player.

Be a nerd. Soak up the plethora of information that there is available here. You get better at this game through focused study and applying what you study to your gameplay. If you learn the game thoroughly and know how everything works, you don't need to look at other players' gameplay to figure out where to go and what to do. You know it yourself.

Knowledge is power.


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Jingles, I also posted this in the comments section of your ISU-152 video, but I'm also going to try my luck and also mention it here, because it really kind of bugs me:


Jingles, I really don't mean any offense, but this kind of replays is EXACTLY the reason why people hate TD players and/or "regular" TD playstyle - kemp bush, kemp base and fire at whatever is spotted, without any active play whatsoever. Yeah, he had a good game because he spanked the other base campers - but all this does is encourage the "stronk kemp" idea, which you should NOT be doing with any class of tank (SPGs excluded) in this game. A better player would have went up towards the hill and supported his team, either from the balcony at G7 or supporting them to take the hill. PLEASE also do a Tier 8+ TD game in which a pro-active gameplay style (i.e.: Assault Gun) is highlighted - because THAT is how TDs like ISU-152 should be played

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Guess he's picked up his ball and left for good after the AMA. It's been almost 2 months now ppl, time to move on.

I am pretty sure Jingles is still available via facebook, youtube comments and email. Try to contact him there.

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1) I wish you were on NA server too, but I guess EU has all the cool players (wait, that didn't sound right)

2) What was your first video and what were the results (views, likes, subs) of that vid? 

Please don't send me to the salt mines 5 years from now.

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