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Looking for feedback: replays inside

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So, I decided to clear my replay folder and do 10 games tonight. Five in each of the tanks I am grinding currently, the KV-4 and the SU-101. It was a pretty painful night as I went 2/10 and would have rage-quit far earlier if I hadn't set myself the goal of uploading these replays. I suppose this thread can also provide an insight into what one can expect from the typical SEA pubbie PHilTH.


It started out only moderately annoying as I was at least dealing some damage before we lost, however my performance got gradually worse and worse. I wouldn't say a single one of my KV-4 games were good and a couple of my SU-101 games were okay in spite of losing. I didn't contribute to a single win this entire session. Help me!





Game #1 - Red Shire (Loss)

I did something a bit different and went down to the 1/2 line and eventually got caught out by the arty while I was concerned with the ISU.



Game #3 - Pearl River (Loss)

A typical lemming rush north; which lost.



Game #5 - Murovanka (Loss)

Again I got caught out alone.



Game #7 - Lakeville (Win)

My first win and I was carried by my team mates, how should I have maximised my damage opportunities? I'm also pretty sure our Caernarvon was a bot.



Game #9 - Prokhorovka (Loss)

Yet again, caught out and isolated. I was expecting the Pershing, T34 and company to hold some sort of position and duly got shredded. Am I simply pushing too far up?





Game #2 - Airfield (Loss)

PBKAC in tier 9's and in spite of their best efforts still unable to carry pubbies, as far as being a tier down, I did relatively well this game getting top damage for the team.



Game #4 - Siegfried Line (Loss)

Another okay game, but got caught out in the field expecting the T69 to assist with T34. Then later being unsure of target prioritisation.



Game #6 - Fjords (Loss)

In an attempt to get better shots, I got caught in the middle of the field by the 215B. What should I have done better?



Game #8 - Lakeville (Loss)

Terrible, terrible game.



Game #10 - Himmelsdorf (Win)

I was borderline homicidal by this stage so excuse my venting at the start of the game. I went down to try and get some space between myself and some side armour and got swamped by the WZ and JP2. Was I that poorly located?



Please give me any feedback you have.

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KV-4 replays.


Well, that's quite a painful start. Getting artied twice. I would have moved up near the church area asap and not take the longer route up north for it but that depends though, as it seems you were caught in the open anyhow. Next was when you moved down the 1/2 line, the KV-4 has the lowest View Range of all Tier 8s @ 350m which means even with optics, you wouldn't be able to spot that ISU so that was a very risky move. Next was when the ISU finally appeared, I would have moved on the other side of the rock since you were so near the enemy spawn, which means arty is near it. tl;dr - gambled and it didn't pay off as you would have thought it would.


2nd Replay, your pubbies went up North but everyone didn't commit which which they paid for. It's either commit or don't cross the bridge at all. Nothing much you could have done when they themselves do that.


3rd Replay, You should have moved up and gambled for a few more shots when you spotted the ISU climbing the hill, possibly tracking the ISU or something. As that's your only worry at the middle of the match until he shot you, wasn't it?


4th Replay, Should have either went on the D0/E9 and side scraped there but your pubbies were already choking that way so I wouldn't recommend going that way. There really isn't that much particular that I would look on this replay since as you said, pubbies carried.. somehow.


5th Replay, I would have gone nearer to the Tracks or the other side and not crossing it until I got into the middle and it calls for it to happen. Otherwise, this is somewhat of a disaster as only 2 tanks went up the hill from your side which means it'll get overrun even if you were down there.


SU-101 Replays.


1st one, Should have moved to that position on B9/0 area (was it?) earlier so that you've had your RoF working for the PBKAC guys. Firing lanes on your first chosen spot is pretty limited, which is why I don't really like camping on my TDs (specially on this map) even when I'm low on the list.


2nd one, Should have stayed around the city or went up the middle road after killing the 13 75 otherwise, that E75 would have been your lifeline if he didn't kept backing up and instead just face hugged the IS-3 since it was just using the D-25.


3rd one, That was a pretty stupid move from most of the pubs. Choking south? Really? 6 tanks and it's crowded, over that and you're asking for your other lanes to be abandoned and/or severely undermanned. (like what happened) If only that 263 went up with the 57 (and not half-arsedly committing and then thinking "I'll camp here"), the 34 wouldn't have been overwhelmed. Otherwise, this is more of a tactical defeat. Also that spot where you tried to get shots, well... even before the remake of Fjords, that/those spots were pretty risky from sniper shots from the North as you experienced which is why I generally just commit to that bowl instead.


4th one, Shouldn't have tried to get shots onto town and instead focused on the North break that was bound to happen.


5th one, well. not much to say as you got rushed by a WZ-120 and the JPII whle trying to position around. Otherwise, I would have stuck to those two near the Church area or the ones near the 8 line.


Overall, this is my view. I'm a baddie and I need to feel bad now. brb.

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Thanks for the comments, Reiuji. I appreciate the detail  with which you have given your thoughts.

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Np, other people would be more in-detail though. As it is, I don't... exactly think much when I play and I just go by with experience. (as with the almost 24k battles)

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